The Ways forward for the Chollo community in the United States of America
First, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the New Executive Committee for Chollo Community in the United States of America.Here are the followings proposals: 1), we shall establish a new Council of Elders to serve as a check and balance for the Chollo community. The Council of Elders shall rebuild the confidence and promote cooperation among the Chollo members.

The Council of Elders shall have the power to dismiss a member of the executive committee upon misconduct and failure to fulfill the obligations of the Chollo community, and such decision must be passed to the general assembly for ratification. The Council of Elders shall be responsible to oversee the progress in the community and make the recommendations to the executive committee. The Council of Elders shall be responsible for Chollo historical research and evaluations for accuracy before the documents are publish on the Chollo community official website. They should present plans and advice to the executive committee. 2), we shall build an official website for the Chollo community in the United States. 3), we shall also need registered the Chollo community as a nonprofit organization at the federal level NOT the State Level so that it branches can operate in different states. 4), we should create a new way to cover the costs of annual meetings expenses and avoid use of funds which have been set side for the future Community Development Projects in Podhi Chollo. One way of creating funds is to produce large quantities of professional quality videos tape to be sold as fundraise among the Chollo members. Another way to generate funds is our cultural heritage materials if we could get them from Sudan and be sold during Chollo Cultural Day exhibitions. 5), we shall also nominate or vote one state which shall be the center for the Chollo community headquarters and shall establish it branches in different states where there are enough of the Chollo people. 6) We shall change the current name Pachodo Community Association to Chollo Community Association. As we are aware that name Pachodo has been abused by people of special interest and has been overused in different places with same name. A however, we know that Pachodo is our historical backbone.7), we shall turn over the monthly or annual contributions to state and local community representatives rather than the executive committee. 8), two people from every state shall be nominated to compete in the general election for Chollo community office. They should be capable and able to deal with the community affairs. Elected official he/she should abide by the Chollo community?s constitution principles. 9), we shall also need to consider incentive or set side special funds about 15% percent to help executive committee with their travel expense for purpose of Chollo community business when necessary. I urge the New Executive committee to move quickly and consider these proposals which have been mentioned above, and this should be done in timely fashion so that we can move forward and prevail. I believe strongly if these proposals or recommendations are executed diligently, we will be beginning to see our community moving forward in the years to come. Thank you very much

Jwothab Wanh Othow
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    Hello Jwothab Wanh Othow

    On behave of the executive committee of PCA -USA, I simply want you to know what an excellent and valuable suggestions you presented, they are really admirable ideas to help with progress of our community. Keep it up



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