By Isaac Vuni

July 2, 2007 (JUBA) ? The President of the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS), Salva Kiir Mayardit, today evening, has issued the long awaited Presidential decrees for cabinet reshuffles and naming new Ministers, advisors, President of the Supreme Court of Southern and the Deputy as follows:

Decree No. 68 of 2007, for relived Mrs. Awut Deng Acuil from position of Presidential Advisor in the office of the President of the Government of Southern Sudan effective from July 2nd 2007.

Decree No.69 of 2007 relieved Ministers of Government of Southern Sudan with effect from today as follows: Dr. Riek Machar Teny, Minister of Housing, Public Land and Public Utility, Dr. Justin Yac Arop Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Mr. Arthur Akuien Chol, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Theophilus Ochang Lotti, Minister of Health, Mr. David Deng Athorbei, Minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development and Madam Rebecca De Mabior, Minister of Transport and Rods.

Meanwhile Decree No.70 of 2007, appointed Ministers of the Government of Southern Sudan effect from July 2, 2007 and they are:- Dr. Luka Tombe Monoja, Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Mr. Dominic Dim Deng, Minister of SPLA Affairs, Mr. Kuol Athian Mawein, Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Joseph Monytuiel Wiejang, Minister of Health, Mrs. Awut Deng Acuil, Minister of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development, Mr. David Deng Athorbei, Minister of Transport and Roads, and Mr. Martin Ohuro Okerruk, Minister of Housing, Land and Public Utility.

Decree No. 71 of 2007; appointed Presidential Advisors in the office of the President of the Government of Southern Sudan as follows: Mr. John Kong Nyoun, for Security Affairs, Dr. Theophilus Ochang Lotti for Social Services, Dr. Justin Yac Arop for Decentralization, Madam Rebecca de Mabior for Gender and Human Rights and Mr. Ismail Kony for Peace and Reconciliation.

Presidential Decree No. 72/2007 relieved Justice Ambrose Riny Thiik as President of the Supreme Court of Southern Sudan with effect from July 2nd 2007 replaced by Justice John Wol Makec as President of the Supreme Court of Southern and Justice Chan Reec Madut as Deputy ,all appointed under decree No.73 of 2007.


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  • This is not a government for South Sudan. It is a governement for Dinka. May be South Sudan people need to form their own government. Or the government should represent the whole people of South Sudan.

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  • Guest - Carlo J. Chol

    Someone said, "when shame was distributed some tribes did not take their share". It is true, the Dinkas and others do not pause to reflect about the reaction of others towards their actions.

    Where are we in this government? The answer is obvious, we are out there creating more division among ourselves. We have limited ourselves to Collo philosophy square leaving the broader area unattended. This Collo philosophy Square of division and hatred is no more than distruction of Collo Kingdom. As a consequence we are always left out. I hope this will teach us a very great lesson. I am proposing that we discuss these issues critically. We have many challenges facing us at all corners. Have we thought of tackling them? Tribes are entering our borders and claiming part of our lands, have we challenged that?
    Since we have fought the war, it is our right too to enjoy the fruits of peace and governance.

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  • Guest - Morris

    I believe without doubt that Southsudan is a tribal society. therefore if there is something concerns the whole people of that part , Should be based on tribalism. Iam not urging or encouraging this bad habit . But it is reality and we have to be realistic. Let me give you example . When splition occured in the early ninties peple supported Garang,Lam or Riak according to thier tribes rather than thier ideaologies. although i believe that we need to get rid of tribalism but at the moment we need to respect the feelings of our people.

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  • Guest - William D. Oyo

    I bet, Shilluk Have now learned the most toughest lesson of all that they may not be included in ministers things of South Sudan as the President of South Sudan state.

    Let me tell you again. Shilluk Stand for Shilluk Kingdom, and to stand for Shilluk Kingdom, we must not only watch with our eyes open while Pres. Kiir is reappointing his supporters for minister positions of South Sudan.

    Her is some thing you may want to recall: People always say, "me first, follows by we."
    It is up to you to learn what our tribal president already started himself, but if he is letting us into the hole, we are better to pull back and search for our true root, and who we are. Are we really Southern Sudanese or Shilluk Kingdom's? If so or not, what can we do to stop all these tribalisms businesses which are mostly started by top leaders? Don't take this issue as easy for Southern Sudanese!

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  • Guest - James Okuk

    Nothing was really new about the reshaffle. The same people were only shifted to different positions like thieves put to new shops without police. Will this reshaffle solve the problem of incompetency, laziness and corruption, which is zeroing GoSS performance? I doubt whether honey can flow down from the newly appointed ministers to the poor people of Southern Sudan!!!!

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  • Guest - Kwathi Akol

    Well, united we stand and divided we fall! Why are we crying now while we were not in the cabinet in the first place and did not protest? Very soon GONU will be reshaffle and peace be upon our kingdom! Folks, things do not automatically happen people have to campaign for them. Though the other tribes must be blamed for our marginalization I will boldy say that Collo shoulder the most blame for what is happening. He who has ears let him hear!

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  • I think nothing left hidden for Chollo to wait for.Therefore, I urge all Chollo over the World including myself to start campaigning against Salva tribalistic government in all form of media.Starting with Sudan news paper whether English or Arabic. Gurtong, Sudannet,Sudanile, SPLM disapora, SPLM Forum etc.What ever type of media available.
    Chollo does not stand for escape goat.It stands for people.
    Note : No Ochollo or Nyachollo should reply or comment on other Chollo articles. We need to stand united against outsiders.

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  • Guest - Akim Otugi

    Dear Cøllø!

    I am not certainly sure of what is about to hurt Cøllø from it ground-root to the tip of it tree, but speaking of campaign against the Vice and the President of South Sudan will result in no response from some media controllers. There are many possibilities you can try, and some may work, not other. A very formal, well touched, very reasonable article, which may stand against the President (Salva Kiir) and it tribalism may not be published. Because some of Cøllø have tried this several times, but their opinions are never being published or posted on any websites. So, Gïn acuki yïa ki kwøbø ba kinia, “Keløg yï dwata gwëdi tyëng ni møgani, gwedi nyingi ena nyingi jiani.” Ki bang menani, oge obängi gen. De bene gen møg acuki ki yïa ki tödi wun nyiamïa. De cyee, lebbe ko bëëdø nimi “Benha Ongyenyø, ge dwata bëdø ni bënha Lääl.” Kipa lääl bene en anyi pädhi ki døjø. That is way some time you see many articles (Written by Cøllø, but not a real Cøllø) being published with ideas that are misrepresenting us in the media.
    Try it and you will see the result yourself.

    Stick to the mission Cøllø!

    Da gen agag

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  • Guest - Ray Charles

    To the web politician gigs:
    Web developer: I hope there is no one registered from Dinka as member on this web that can read? I thought Chollo knew this was gonna happen before. I just don’t know why every one is whining! Do you guys think is kind of early for that?
    Let’s chill and wait for the country separation. It will be a lot comments posted on this web. I think it’s about time to step up us one Chollo.
    Carlo J. Chol I like your comment!! ;D

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  • Guest - Elisa Kidi Asu

    Date: 30-July -2010

    Press Release: from Mundari Tali community (MTC)
    Change will not come to Tali area if we are waiting for some other person or another Situation in the future. As we all know that Tali are marginalized city in the central Equarorial State. But we will not allowed this situation to continuous with our people like this, but we will get our right in a civilize manner, we are moving slow but sure of our target.
    After comprehensive consultative meetings for the right person in right place
    We have reached for the appointment of the following candidates with full responsibility to represent the Voice of the indigenous people in the area with effect from 1- august -2010 they are as follows:
    1-Mr. Augustino Taban Gurak Chairman
    2-Mr. Joseph Abook Deputy
    3-Mr. John Machr General Secretary
    4-Mr. Peter Doctor Finance secretary
    5-Mr. Lazro Tadio Social affairs Secretary
    6-Mr.Stephen Wani information & Secretary
    7-Mrs. Flora Rimondo secretary for woman & child affairs
    8-Mrs. Margret peter Abudi Secretary for peace and reconciliation
    9-Mr. Samuel kida Secretary for Development
    10-Mr. Juma kela Secretary for public relation
    11-Mr.Juma Dio Youth and sport
    1-Mr. Joseph kulung community Affairs
    2-Mr. Juma Ali Nuran peace and reconciliation
    3-Adam Fouda Culture and heritage

    Please welcome and extend to them your usual cooperation and assistance
    Email:[email protected]

    Secretariat office of Tali community worldwide

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