A proposal to the ?Maximum military campaign against the (SPLA/SPLM) and the
formation of many military organisations? Posted on SouthSudan.Net

By William Deng Oyo, Southern Sudanese living in Abroad
Date: July 01, 2007

Southern Sudanese have so many things to deal with before re-emerging the so call
campaign against SPLM/A politically, militarily, economically, traditionally,
financially, etc.

During all the struggles of Southern Sudanese to free themselves from the Khartoum
regime, many tribal militias usually arise to gate other people of Southern
Sudanese who like to thrive in peace. Now the almost the same tribal military is
about to rise again for the destruction of other ethnics groups of South Sudan,
but there are some tribes to be excluded in the tribal militaries campaign against
people of South Sudan. However, the ethnic Community that need to be excluded
from this violent campaign against people of Sudan is Shilluk. Because Shilluk are
one of the most organized tribes in Sudan, they need to live not by troubling
other ethnic communities.

Their goals are always defined and needed not to be used
for any bloodshed campaign that will not free Southern Sudanese from the Sudan
Army Force or Khartoum?s extremist regimes. Therefore, to propose what ?Mr. Simon
Yien Tot? has said in his article, ?Maximum military campaign against the
(SPLA/SPLM) and the formation of many military organisations will save the lives
of many innocent civilians,? the so called Shilluk must be exclude in the so
called ? the ?United Army Force for the Liberating of South Sudan, UAFLSS.
Shilluk are always against any thing that is uneven and not done right.

Mr. Yien Tot! I am not trying to argue that SPLA/M has not violated South
Sudanese?s rights since the sign of peace documents in Kenya. My acknowledgement
is that ? as the one of the people who has been living and walking in the horrific
hostility for the freeing of the South Sudanese, my suggestion is: ?Do not try to
fill up our people?s mind with dumps and pullout the good accomplishments they
have been saving for themselves.? You may be wise enough to think of many things
that can discourage Southern Sudanese, but you are just fouling yourself. Lessons
have been learnt by southern Sudanese and none of them may seem to join the so
call ?UAFLSS? whose goals are to raze South Sudan?s government.

Many years have gone by, and there nothing that Southern Sudanese have achieved
for the beneficiary of the current and the future generation to that they hate
been taught to hate. Mr. Yien! You said there is going to be the so-called
?Equatorian People?s Liberation Army, EPLA.? Is those tribal military not the one
that is operating in Equatoria together with Sudan Army Force, SAF and Lord
Resistant Arm/Force, LRA/LRM ? acting for the destruction of the people of
Equatorians? Did you forget that those militia are already in the processes of
disorganizing the unity of South Sudan?. Is this EPLA not the one that has some
of their leaders that are already hijacking businesses travellers on roads between
Equatoria and Uganda, as well as between Upper Nile and Juba day after day? Tell
us. Whom do you call EPLA if they are not the one already looting their innocent
mothers, fathers and siblings? Your UAFLSS is not going to succeed with its gory

Now, You said that there is going to be Bahr al-Ghazalian?s Liberation Army, BLA.
As members of Genuine South Sudanese, I know and already see what this ?BLA? of
yours already have done to the Bahr-al-Gazalians. Your point of creating this
tribal militia is just to give that name, BLA to the Barh al-Ghazalian ? who have
been misrepresenting Bahr al-Ghazalian people ? the name they would call their
gang organization. These gang members are already now mingling among the people
of Southern Sudan mostly in Bahr al-Ghazal. Their goals is to keep looting other
peoples? belong because it is the only way they would endure, but not to do
something that they would call theirs or their rightful creativities. Because BLA
is pointless, so do it main organ, UAFLSS.

You are right again. The tribal organization that is now running for the
terrorization of the people of the Upper Nile and its peace lover (the Shilluk
Kingdom) is almost diminishing. It will never arise again for it gruesome
commerce goals are going to be under some body?s feet to free the people of Upper
Nile and Shilluk Kingdom from any form of threats. None of your Military organs
will make it to Shilluk Kingdom while their objectives are to feed on their love
one by betraying them to the Khartoum Government and its allies. The impurity
goals of the ?Upper Nile People?s Liberation Army, UPLA? are not to free the
people of Upper Nile, but to bestow them to the Sudan Army Force, SAF and it
Janjiweed, militia ? some whom are now operating in Darfur for the genocide acts,
which the government of Khartoum and some of ?your? organization have been denying
for years. Let me tell you some thing. Your military wings for the destruction
of Upper Nile, which you want to rename (you already named) will soon be finished,
end dead and gone (but only in story) in our motherland once it start operating
again. Mr. Tot son, you will soon be satisfied if you ask any Shilluk Man/woman ?
even a child to tell you the story of how and why these filthy business lovers,
who love to seduce their nation and its people to Khartoum government have been
disquieting Shilluk Kingdom (which most of you allies do not what to hear about
it, Kingdom). It is not of curse, but it is because whatever act against any
innocent and/or peace lover ? in sky ? on land ? beneath/in water must always be
brought to land for justice. And, if son of man (human) is not able to stop any
threat that seem to be frightening to the people of Shilluk Kingdom and Upper Nile
excluding your UPLA, only Almighty knows how to deal with those terrorists-like
organizations. Because most of Southern Sudanese like me have been witnessing
what your aggressive organizations have been doing to civilians in Nasir, Shilluk
Kingdom as whole, Bentiu, Akobo, Maban, and other parts of South Sudan ? in
rivers, on land and in air, it is not up to you to rise again for the destruction
of Upper Nile and Shilluk Kingdom.

I have been in almost all Upper Nile?s all corners and seen what some of your
organization do to Southern Sudanese. They mishandle any one who is not a
constituent of Khartoum?s Government. In the rivers, your organization loots all
fishermen?s belongings such as fishes, money, fishnets, boats, and if any one of
them, fishermen resists, they kill him. I believe your UPLA has always been
taught that ways, ?To take somebody else?s wealths by force is the lucky thing in
the world because no one will judge you in Sudan if you are the brotherhood of
Khartoum?s government.? Thing are not always the ways they are brother. You have
to learn to do thing with you hand but not to take somebody?s. To mentions some
of UPLA filthiest businesses, your violence campaign against the people of Upper
Nile and Shilluk Kingdom will not go ahead for the name of peace.

In Nasir, your terrorists network-like have been terrorizing Nasirian in the town
of Nasir and outside the town. When they see that there is a man with enough cows
that enable him to survive, your UPLA goes there and loot that man?s cows, rapes
his daughters (if he has some), assassinate his son (if any) and kill the man if
he dear to tell any one about that cast. So, do you think your organization will
operate in Sudan? If not, I think it is just operating on the website. Here is
one of a question some of your terrorists ? born to loot other?s belonging ask
when they meet any traveller on the roads or travelling by boats in the river
Nile: ?DO YOU PREFER TO GO BY RIVER OR BY LAND?? What does that mean to you Mr.
Simon Yien Tot? Any man or woman, your ?UPLA, armed for looting and raping women
by force through weapons? meet any civilian passing by, on land or in the river,
Your UPLA asks the same questions over and over. Let me tell Mr. Yien Tot,
through this chic question which your terrorists organ has been asking travellers
over and over (I bet your UPLA in Upper Nile are backup by Hussam Bin Aladdin
terrorists network), many lives have been lost just because of your tribal
milliary act backup by Sudan Army Force and it terrorist collaborators.

I almost die when I heard that your ?South Sudan Professional White Army, SSPWA?
is in line working to assisting for the destruction of Nuer community and Upper
Nile. Who among Nuer community does not know what white Army ? among Lou-Nuer,
Jikany-Nuer, Gaatjaak-Nuer, and all Nuer community from the ?kony c?ng? do not
know how white armies brought division to all sub-clans of Nuer community? Nuer
have already learnt that they have been misused by white army?s leaders. Some have
been taught the languages of loathing and of loot other people?s belongings
because they have guns that are fully loaded with Omar El Bacher?s Bullets. Like
the Shilluk Kingdom, Nuer is now ready to confront their inner being (if they are
really Naadh) through education and dialogue that does not involve any arm. I
shall not go further than that because Nuer know exactly what mischief some of
their leaders have taught them. Nuer are now in the new era, are of education, but
not to betray other any more.

About your ?South Sudanese Defence Intelligence Organisation, SSDIO? which is
suppose to collect any information regarding to all smart and quick people of
South Sudan ? if found to be killed or lost somewhere in the air. Let me ask you
this tiny question: Are those terrorists-like groups you now call the ?SSDIO? not
the ones that have been taught to kill any educated Nuer or other ethnic
communities of South Sudan by the Khartoum Government?s law ? widen the gape which
many Southern Sudanese is about to close? Didn?t your terrorize network of Omar el
Bashir not join the GOSS yet? I totally believe that any Southern Sudanese
ethnic community will not follow the same routes again in his/her life ? because
it is, was the path that lead to unfaithfulness and hatred that will bring a
immense amount of disaster to all people of South Sudan. Mr. Yien Tot, I think
you are just blubbing. To rename Such organization which is already working for
the dwindling the life of the people of South Sudan, is the way to attempt to
bring/invite the Arabians who have been terrorizing South Sudan for Years.

In cast of SPLA/M, I shall not row with you, and I can tell you that SPLA/M of Dr.
John Garang De Mabior Atem has already redefined its vision. They used to
assassinate/prison any one that seem to be against their tribal political-like
organ, now they are convince that if they will carry on doing their dirt politic,
they would lose power. Yes, they are used to use donor money for the military and
non-military training for Dinkans, but now, the world is watching them close. If
they attempt to repeat the mistakes their top, former top leader and other sub-top
leaders used to make, they will face justice in South Sudan and abroad. If you
want to know why and how their vision is redefined, ask Mrs. Garang de Mabior, the
President of South Sudan-Salfa Kiir, VP of South Sudan-Dr. Riek Machiar, Sudan?s
Minister of Foreign affair-Dr. Lam Akol, SPLA/M Advisor and Secretary-Jaag Pagan
Amum, Gathoth Maj, to mention the names of those I can easily remember.

In 1991 to about the signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement CPA, SPLA/M had been
split in many military groups ? the main SPLA/M, SSIM, SPLA/M-U, SSDF/SSLA, and
many more. Now they are all under one umbrella, the SPLA/M and they operate
differently under one leadership ? through the commands that is share by every
member of those Sub-SPLA/Ms - represented by different ethnic communities of South
Sudan and Sudan as Whole. If you (Mr. Simon Yien Tot) is saying that SPLA is
corrupted, I still may not diverge with you as well. Because its members are not
tribalists, but the leaders they chose is the one that may always seem to be
tribalist, your UAFLSS will not operate for the destruction of South Sudan in
their though you unit with SAF, or Bring you Gneijeb Ymra to fight South Sudanese.
There is one thing you need to know here: Southern Sudanese are not the ones
belong to SPLA/M or GOSS, but SPLA/M or GOSS is the ones that belong to the people
of South Sudan. SPLA/M of today is not like SPLA/M of 80s. It has now changed
just a little bit. Because they have change a little bit, they may deserve a
little bit of good credit. Everybody earn the reward valuable to its
accomplishments. Big fat fish be worthy of big money, and small fat fish justify
it costly that matched it health meat.
Disarmament is not because SPLA/M and the GOSS have failed, but it is because some
of Your UAPLSS?s bloodthirsty businesspersons with the Sudan government. Though
they are being disarmed, they still go back to the Khartoum government and import
weapons. Because guns have been part of their survival, they will not let go. They
mingle among other so that no one would be able to recognize their filth techniques
of Janjiweed, militia, which is backed up by Sudan Army Force to violate any peace
document sign to end any civil war in Sudan. Some of question are do you ever ask
yourself that who have started the fighting that have killed innocent in Shilluk
Kingdom, in 2003? The other war is the one that have killed some of unarmed
civilians in Malakal Town just after the signing CPA (comprehensive Peace
Agreement)? In addition to that, why Sudan Army Force, SAF still occupying the
land of Lake State, South Sudan? Why Gabriel Tanginy has been used by Sudan?s Army
Force to irritate the life of civilian in Bentiu, Shilluk Kingdom, Nasir, etc? If
anyone thinks, she/he can get away with that crime bro., than not this time. No one
who is being used by Sudan Army Force or Khartoum government against innocent of
Sudan because of natural resources will get away with it in this generation ours.
Importing arms from Khartoum government to be used against the innocents of South
Sudan will not free you from your tribalists (the UAPLSS), but educating your
children for the peaceful change will free them from the Khartoum government.

We know army is import for the security of any nation, and the army like UAPLSS,
United Army People for the Liberating South Sudan is the army of Omar el-Basher to
be used astutely for the dark future of South Sudan. You must not see eye to eye
with UAPLSS. UAPLSS is dead political organization organized in Khartoum to
violate all peace processes in Sudan including Darfur?s. Therefore, United Nations
Peace Keeping Force must operate in both South Sudan and Darfur to weaken the
coercions of UAPLSS of Hassen el-Bashir?s government that is about to emerge to
the South Sudan ? like what the form presidents have done in South Sudan. To be
close to those UAPLSS, you never gain any trust but, the language of hatreds and

It is not a matter of ?is it safe?? However, it is a matter of ?is it right??
(Martin Lutheran King)

Be Good Fellows and get it right this time!

Happy Canada (July 01st) to Every South Sudanese

Genuine South Sudanese
William Deng Oyo

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  • Guest - James Okuk

    I like Pachoda. Org Website for presenting different opinions and exposing those whose thinking capacity is so limited and irrellevant. If people like Udal Kur and W. Deng Oyo cannot get what I mean in my comment, then it is a pity! Will hatred help the people of Southern Sudan? Is separation a paradise if people do not plan well for it with reasonableness? Is Unity attractive (be it unity of Southern Sudan or that of the Whole Sudan) if there is no justice and respect for diversities of pluralities? Debate on these questions can help us understand the complexities of Sudanses problems. Please though you are criticized do not fear to put your views on this website. We are practicing our freedom of expression! Even some of the negative things we would not want to hear can also help us in one way or another to comprehend some significant issues.

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  • I think Mr.William Deng Oyo's article is directed to Mr. Simon Yien Tut ( a Nuer guy) . I don't know why you " Collo " replying to william instead of Tut himself ? I was thinking the right person to comment is Mr. Tut, so we will be able to see the other side of the argument, and if neccesary support him aganist non-Collo. Not to mention the comments must have sustantial relation to the main topic and should demonstrate respect the articel's writer.

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  • I think Mr.William Deng Oyo's article is directed to Mr. Simon Yien Tut ( a Nuer guy) . I don't know why you " Collo " replying to william instead of Tut himself ? I was thinking the right person to comment is Mr. Tut, so we will be able to see the other side of the argument, and if neccesary support him aganist non-Collo. Not to mention the comments must have sustantial relation to the main topic and should demonstrate respect to the articles' writers. if you don't demonstrate respect to other people, then no body will respect you too. We don't have respect among us, We can not achieve any thing .And that mean we have decided to go astray ( no body listen to no body). guess what a future may be?

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  • Guest - Carlo J. Chol

    It is unfortunate that most our readers and contributers have not learned from the kind and wise words of Dr. Akim, Lwanyo and Jwothab.

    Waad adhala ki luobo? Bedo men wa dwogen chan. Let us use our pens for the development of Collo land.

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  • excuse me for using the word most in my comment what I meant is some of our readers.

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  • Guest - William D. Oyo

    I don't think some of us get the point of this proposal. Let me repeat myself, please try to read this article 2-3 time, and while you are reading it, read between lines for more clarification.

    I did not propose this article based on what I have read, but my experiences, what I lived through, flashback and multiculturalism I have lived through until I arrive into the country I am today. So, my advice would be: If you don't mind, please read the proposal again and then, target me with your sweetest advise to convince me.

    To the writer (Mr. Simon Yien) of the "Maximum military campaign against the
    (SPLA/SPLM) and the formation of many military organisations will save the lives
    of many innocent civilians,” his article is based on the political view. And, my row is based on realities and facts that I have attended.

    So, what is a matter with isolating Shilluk Kingdom as purified state, or considering Omar el-Bashir and other former presidents of Republican of Sudan who have been terrorizing Shilluk Kingdom and the Areas for years as bad guys? If you say Omar and his allies are not evildoers, state it, and we will argue about it.

    I don't think there is some thing wrong about mentioning people's name in the proposal.

    Good luck with your support of Omar el-Bashir's regime

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  • Guest - James Okuk

    Please William D. Oyo try to liberate yourself from the past and its hatred accomapinments and you will see the present changes clearely. It seems you are traumatized from the war effects if I am not mistaken. Do you understand the wisdeom that no human being is either an angel or a devil?

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  • Guest - Bill Omogo Pajwan

    Well! Well! Mr. James Okuk.

    Now you getting to the point. Yours seem not to be just an advise, but trying to cover up the wrongs you or may be someone you may be closed to - who may have been the same path - doing wrongs - trying to block Collo who may have known other sides than you do from blaming those whose powers are to hate

    Mr. Okuk, James, I am telling you brother. Yours is not advise to William Deng Oyo, but threatening him. And by the way he did not say that there are angels or devil, instead he wrote that there are evil doers vs. those who practice being good. So, try to differential between evil and evil doer, and angel and those who do good deeds. Or even try to differentiate between perfection and good and/or good and evil actors, bad and evil. Please read the article again, from title to the first paragraph until the end, and see if the article itself is directed to you.

    Why are you panicking/what make you worry so much about this article while it was not directed to you?

    Think like this: You are not the one who wrote the main argument; the proposal was not wrote against your article, and your name is not even mentioned among those whose names have been noticed in the proposal. Why and what is your problem with William Deng O. or any other people who try to Isolate Khartoum government as "evildoers." Tell our viewers what in the world you are hiding. Please leave Collo alone if you cannot cope with your hate against any Collo who is trying to express her/his opinion against "Pres. Bashir of Khartoum."

    By the way did I tell you that the life in this world is composed of two people. Those are darkness and brightness, good and bad, evil and angel as you mentioned, even human body is divided evenly, left and right (right hear and left hear, left and right eye, ...) In my point of view, "It is OK to differentiate things because if we mingle them, we will end up circling the wrong choice."

    To this point, I know you what your response is going to be like!

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  • Guest - James Okuk

    Mr. Bill Omogo Pajwan:
    We are gettung into philsophy now. Know that evil does not make any difference without evildoers, likewise the good without gooddoers. I am not hiding anything or covering anybody with my comments. What I am saying is to be fair and reasonable on our attacks. Know that once an article or a letter is published publicly, it is addressed to the the readers and so they have the right to react to it. For example, someone can reply to this comment of mine even if address to you because it is public, otherwise I would have sent it to you privately.

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  • Guest - ian pember

    You are a terrible president :P

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