By: Ogeryath Oger

The future of South Sudan is exclusively in the hands of the youths and the ideas which they treasure and desire to preach to the masses of South Sudan in order to bring peace, firmness, unity and prosperity in the country. Referring to the youths as the future of South Sudan doesn’t mean that South Sudan in the years to come will be a golden and prosperous country which is stable and united. The future depends on the level of literacy and shared ideas/concepts of performing specific tasks.

Through literacy, the youths are able to adjust to the modern ways of life and open up to the world through learning history which includes the mistakes and the victories of the past so that the future may be decent and calm as well as economics, sciences and other related essential subjects which aim at changing the communities in which the people dwell in.

Therefore, the level of literacy in South Sudan must be supervised and elevated through establishing learning institutions to help the youths enhance their thoughts or ideas in order to acquire relevant skills and truths about this world. The ideas are not merely gathered on the streets or got orally, the presence of learning institutions aides in creating a platform through which the youths can study, debate and plan for the future of the country. Through studying, debating and planning by the youths, shared concepts of performing specific tasks may be developed.

Shared concepts refer to the theories through which the essential matters can be handled, discussed and solved. Therefore, through shared concepts, the matters of the country are never isolated or considered as essential or non-essential, but they are handled in a way that uplifts the status of the country and its people since all the matters are crucial.

The future is therefore based on the ideas the youths possess and hope to implement the ideas to have change and better South Sudan in the years ahead. The youths must be assisted and given opportunities to learn and debate on the country matters. The future will be dark if the youths are isolated, oppressed and recruited as militias to fight their fellow country people. From the cup of discrimination and favouritism, the youths must abstain in order to keep hope for the future.

To have optimistic and great future in South Sudan, the youths must collectively reject tribalism, nepotism, corruption and injustices which inhuman practices make countries graves of lamentations and conflicts. The youths must treasure national unity, democracy and peace as the ideas that can uplift the status of the people of South Sudan. Evil ideas like nepotism, tribalism and division have already been tried in South Sudan which evil ideas tore the country and created hopelessness and miseries in the entire country. The youths must therefore think of something different from such evil ideas and if anyone possesses any ideas of the past, must be altered, not isolated or ill-treated.

For the future to be filled with optimism, the youths must eliminate whatever ideas affected South Sudan negatively and embark on human ideas which advocate for equality, unity, peace and prosperity. The future is based on our ideas, for God has given man everything, including wisdom and knowledge.

“Never drink from the cup of tribalism and division. If you do so, South Sudan will never experience peace and unity”.

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