We will never recover from the tragedies that has been trying to tear our nation in pieces if we do not keep our unity so tie and strong, and focus on transforming our thinking into actions that is need for the development goals in C?ll? Kingdom.

So far so good, but we are mostly the only state left in almost dilema and fear of semi terrorists on our land. What are we really hoping for? Are we still sleeping and leave the bees to sip the nectar of our followers before they produced fruits for our child? Sleeping will not take us to anywhere. We need to wakeup, and smell and taste the flavor of peace which everyone is enjoying in their state. Because we always aim for the coming of peace into our state, let touch it and own for good for the future generation. By ringing our bell, other nations well notice that we are ready for peace and they could/may attempt to help us to develop our state. Let wake up now or our land will be lead by the same people who are now holding and leading it by judging, letting us to choose between bullet and spear.

You need to realize something here that coming of peace does no mean we have to take any thing that we get on our way to peace and the development of our state, C?ll? Kingdom. If we need to lead, we need not to step on other people's toes, but if they try to put us under their feet we must response with not only warning, but invite them to apologize to us with action and not just a word in their mouths. By praticing our peaceful views and geniune being of ours, we will be able to push away any stone or thorn that seem to be in our way. Transform C?ll? or you shall always be under the threats of your friends who alway show you his/her teeth. And, beacuse teeth are just the bones in the mouth, we must not accept their whitening. Their shining is not what we need, but we need their actions that will lead us to peaceful life. If we give teeth a chance, they may one day be our lead. Whether you understand or not they are now leading us in our state and in Sudan and many parties. They do this to widen the gape which we are about to close. Dear Oc?ll?/Nyac?ll?, words in mouth must not be trusted if no peaceful action accompanying them. Companionship that go along with true peaceful deeds is what will lead us to true peace. If we just leave things that are happening to our true peace lover friends, neighbors and those who have boundries with us and our land, we will never recover so soon from that has "bloody diseases" that has been in skull of those who hate us for nothing, but for our lovely and fertile land that good have promised to us. We need to stand firm and not just watch tragedies happen to our family members.

Many people say that "one onion always rotten the sac of onion," but if we are like other folks, we must take it the opposite way. We can alway get that rotten onion and still get 99.99...% of the that sac of onion. Let one or two people that are corrupted in our state will not colonize our good being. We must alway work, live and teach our our kids and the people who have capabilities to lesson that we are the state that has been organized and need not to be reversed for unpeaceful changes.we must changing our status because we just want to benefit for short term that will not enable us to finish "the rest" properly. So let's work together to satisfy the needs of peace lovers though you reside in abroad or Sudan, (South or North). Change is not what the only thing we need, we also need to understand before we pick up our foot to take the next step.

C?ll?, we must "not only live by bread, but by words (Word of God, Peaceful words, and any kind of food for thought)" actions, and good judgment with not separation between us.

The word "terrorist" that seem to be upsetting, is not just disturbing. It bring fear (psychologically and mentally), properties lost, insecurity, hate, mental illness, and much, much more. If we are willing to cope or stay togather and work hand in hand, we will crush any fear-like creature. About these terrorists, developed nations have already noticed that there are terrorist-like people who are terrorizing many Southern Sudaneses who reside on the Nile. Let put out this extreme fears and see, face it so that it/they will not swallow us. Because we can cope and deal with fear before it hurt, let stop it to secure our mother land. It does not matter whether those terrorists come from south or north, let weaken them with any tool that we have for the name of peace. Not only one kick will get these terrorists out from our territory, but standing against it occupation for good will do it away.

"Fairness does not equal to equality." Let learnt from now on. If we like bones and they will satisfy us, let take'em, but if we like meat, let struggle for it. If we do not have to like'em all.

Peace with you!

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  • Guest - Akim Otugi

    Thank you William D. Oyo

    This is what some Cøllø want to hear to point out the main points. Let our people realize what they have been missing in the life. This is what some one who know what have been a threat in the Cøllø Land want to hear. Our unity will keep us strong and will enable us to win the political, economical, and development war against any threat in our kingdom.

    Because there are people who are against/do not want to hear the word "KINGDOM," let keep our unity so tei to keep our kingdom in it peaceful state as God have promised it to Nyinkangø and Nyikangø left it to us with nothing wrong with it.

    I have been trying to whisper to our people's hears, both Cøllø and many Southern Sudan when they email me that, "we are in big trouble, especial Cøllø whose homes and there living are on the Nile. Our richly land is what will let into conflict with other, but if we are united, we will crush that terrorists as you said. Nothing is stronger than our unity. This unity is what has been letting us to stay in that land from Tung up to Mwom.

    Your are right. When we mean our own state, we mean not to kick other out from our land, but to let them stay while respect our land and it people. If they do disturb us, "get to go," leave our land by law, and if they say no, we may even file accusation documents base on the histories. These documents may even us lead to international court of justice some time if the issue of our state is not solve in Sudan. History can give right to minority if law are implemented in the right order.

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  • Guest - Deng Oyo

    Dear Collo

    I am regretting to all Collo concerning the message/article I have given, trying to feed my fellows Collo. In Paragraph (4) It say, "WE MUST CHANGING OUR STATUS BECAUSE WE JUST WANT TO BENEFIT FOR SHORT TERM THAT WILL NOT ENABLE US TO FINISH THE REST PROPERLY." I am so sorry that I did not mean to say it in that way, but I mean to say, "WE MUST NOT CHANGE OUR "STATUS" BECAUSE WE JUST WANT TO BENEFIT FOR SHORT TERM THAT WILL NOT ENABLE US TO FINISH THE RACE PROPERLY."

    This may be the only mistake I will ever make about Collo. Sorry I deliver the message in the wrong way. Could you, Collo forgive me?

    Thank for your forgiveness

    W. Deng Oyo

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