64 Beautiful Tribes Of South Sudan (cityscrollz.com)
64 Beautiful Tribes Of South Sudan (cityscrollz.com)


By: Ogeryath Oger

South Sudan a country that comprises of and binds about sixty four tribes together for a common objective is a land that for years harbored masses with different tongues and colors in which no one lived under threat or conflict with one another and therefore the ancient lifestyle that existed in South Sudan must be looked at as a sign of humanity and pride since most of the heterogeneous societies lived under severe relationships and conflicts with one another which severe relationships later on led to secession and formation of hostile states/countries as history narrates. A country with numerous tribes like South Sudan, needs to be governed with clear principles/laws which are binding in order to have a country that is for all the existing tribes.

As South Sudanese we must be so vigilant and honest in managing our own affairs without intervention of tribalism or any element of division within our system of governance. The government should answer the calls of all the masses in the country in terms of political, social and economic developments to ensure that the country is always at peace and moving towards progressive development/positive change.

To ensure that we aren’t engulfed by tribalism which is so dangerous and poisonous, equal representation within the public and private sectors must be prioritized and considered highly so that all the South Sudanese are able to feel the real existence of South Sudan as a country but not a tribal land/ground. And with prioritizing equal representation, the sons and daughters of South Sudan shall after be able to live and work together for the development of their own beloved country. Belonging to a specific tribe is a great treasure but being a South Sudanese is the factor that always brings us together.

The politics in the country must be managed democratically with meritocracy and pragmatism. And putting this style of politics into practice, the political system will never be invaded by any evil forces, especially tribalism. We must be aware that politics can lead to destruction if tribalism is used as the inner pillar within the political system in governing South Sudan.

The evil such as tribalism is destruction in disguise and never a binding factor. We must therefore come together to have it eliminated in South Sudan if not eliminated, we shall toil under its impacts for the decades to come. South Sudan must be treasured as a home for all through eliminating tribalism otherwise we shall be torn into hostile regions/states with a dark future.