By: Dr. Akim Otugi

Because I'm a man of no party, I need some more detail about Shilluk International
Congress, SIC. From the time I first heard that there is an organization call Shilluk International Congress, SIC, I felt thrill, but, things changed when I knew that C?ll? is against SIC due to the the article they wrote, and many folks response to that piece of literature furiously, I felt shock and could not even find any vacancy to give my own piece of advice to The SIC organization.

To me, none of us (include me) is welling to do a thorough investigation about SIC.

The Questions are: Does any one has idea about the objectives and the goals of SIC?
What they do and why they are just being insulted by their brothers, mostly C?ll?. I
don't understand why is these things happening to part of C?ll? community. Our
angriness and hatred to any organization that did not endangered C?ll? land is out
of rage, because I have never heard/seen that SIC have burned killed, mistreated,
misled, betrayed, and use C?ll? as a source of "fishing line" like other fellows in
Sudan or internationally. So, I shall not put my mouth to just insult their
organization. We need to understand first than we can blame other. Sometime, we
hate just because we are not welling to cope with our aversions; some time we hate
others' because they are not part of our clan, and some time we hate just because we
are taught to hate. In my opinion, we will go nowhere with all these hatretisms. If
SIC was against humanity, human rights in C?ll? kingdom, or elswhere, countries like
Autralia, Canada, USA, Norway, UK, Southern American countries, Germany, etc,
(because some of you say that it has members in those nations) I think those nations
could have been put them behind bar without being notifying. "Let welcome them, SIC"

We don't we just have to write about everything we have heard of, but not attended,
seen, touched, smell, like other people. like other people whose name I shall not
mention. they have been writing about life they have already lived through and yet
we still don't appreciate the fact that they have cope with the realistic. Anyway,
I am man of no party; I only get along with people that does not divide C?ll?. Not
only that, I am some one that is against any person that opposes the idea that C?ll?
must have their own state like other states in South Sudan.

My point is that, "I need more infos regard to SIC, but don't try to mislead/advice
me with your aversions as well because I am not ready to welcome them."

If you have significant/well touched piece about the SIC, please contact me at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • Guest - James Okuk

    Bravo Dr. Akim Otugi!

    This is the widsom expected from a matured Collo man. Understanding and not hatred should be the basis of criticism or condemnation. Young Collo people would need more intellectuals like you. Yes, if SIC is a genuine organization it should come out from electronic to the real word responsibly.

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  • Hey Akim, that was so nice of you; I do agree with you concerning SIC in your article, your question is really critical, and it’s a road map for Collo future….let us ask questions…who is SIC and where the are located?

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