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By: Ogeryath Oger

”To take down the elephant that terrorized our villages down, we must unite”

South Sudan faces challenges and the most problematic time ever, a situation which we must all treat with caution, seriousness and endurance. To battle the challenges that the country faces today, we need to come together and brainstorm on the solutions that can heal the wounds we are nursing in South Sudan. It is natural to face challenges but it is wise to confidently solve these challenges. The reasons for the creation of South Sudan as a country were very honest and clear reasons and therefore it wasn’t a problem/mistake to announce the independence of South Sudan. The mistake that was committed was the mismanagement of the country’s affairs by our leaders which mismanagement finally bred division among the South Sudanese leading to the crisis we faced years ago whose impacts  were and are devastating to South Sudan as the political system got crippled, social bond broken and economic situation worsened.

Though we wonder nowadays and try thinking hard on how to solve the problems we face in South Sudan, based on my opinion there is special glue that can act as the healer to our problems and that is unity. Unity is the only binding factor that can bring us together once more as South Sudanese and debate on our affairs, reconcile and plan for the future of our own country. To unite once more is never a sign or fear/weakness but a symbol of forgiveness and reconciliation. We have seen the negative impacts of division in our own country which impacts never spared any South Sudan in all the sectors be it political, social and economic sectors. The division that we treasured and anchored in our hearts for the previous years destroyed our own political system, broke the social bond among the South Sudanese and crippled our economy making poverty our own cloth. 

Every battle isn’t supposed to be won and not every battle is supposed to be lost. The battle for division is the one that we must agree to give up on and proceed gently towards the fight for the unity of South Sudan. Treasuring division is the actual sign and source of persistence of all the challenges that we face today. The greatest step towards progress and peace in South Sudan is to stick to unity because we have seen the fruits of division and suffered a lot from them.

It is our responsibility to sacrifice for the unity that we all desire in South Sudan. The politics need to be directed towards planning for South Sudan to eradicate corruption, conflicts and terror. Social life must be rebuilt to create the atmosphere in which unity can prevail and thrive, then the economic situation will adjust positively and slowly in our favor.

”Division drilled the goodness in me, making my own land the symbol of terror. Towards unity I am walking there is hope I sense.

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