By: Ogeryath Oger
By: Ogeryath Oger


Justice, liberty and prosperity the holy creed of Africa's and the world’s youngest country the republic of South Sudan. The creed symbolizes a great fight to ensure the establishment of a functional society/country whose people feel the true definition of humanity. Having Justice, Liberty and Prosperity as the creed on which South Sudan must be built on, it is never a mistake to imagine or dream of a country where such a creed exists.

The creed seems to have originated deep from the hearts of the people who lived under great injustices, slavery and underdevelopment. Therefore it is only the people who must have gone through a long journey of persecution, slavery and terror who must stand up for such creed. It is not a surprise then to have such a creed in South Sudan since the South Sudanese/freedom fighters took up arms for such a holy creed.

However, Justice, Liberty and Prosperity, the most complex creed is the hardest to achieve in heterogeneous society like South Sudan since the masses are still closely tribal minded and illiterate. Therefore the task to have the creed built falls under the hands of the leaders who are aware of the past sorrowful history South Sudanese went through for decades.

To stand for Justice, Liberty and Prosperity, we must have the courage to stand and comprehend our communities in an open way so that we may be able to enlighten the masses on the importance of such complex creeds. South Sudanese aren’t opposed to this great and holy creed but there is a great doubt since we live in a tense atmosphere with mixed feelings towards one another in our own country and such situations therefore make the establishment of the holy creed complicated and difficult.

The road to Justice, Liberty and Prosperity is a complex one indeed since it requires the most difficult step to take, the step which most of the leaders in Africa can never imagine. To have liberty, those whose main aim is enslavement must be out of the system and to achieve justice, the leaders who are sources of injustices must walk away likewise to achieve prosperity, the leaders who are against progress/ development must walk away. To walk away is an impossible step anyone can imagine in African politics and this is the main reason that makes the holy creed of South Sudan complex and the hardest road to take.

The establishment of Justice, Liberty and Prosperity is therefore a race that hasn’t started in South Sudan and if it started, then the race must be at the snail’s speed. Our holy creed, if implemented, can transform our country from heterogeneous society to homogenous society where we shall reach the level of building a nation. Justice, Liberty and Prosperity is a feared creed since it advocates for accountability for all the actions of the leaders and the masses, advocates for existence of equality before the law and honest investment in political, social and economic sectors that can lead to prosperity.

Accountability, equality and transparency in investment are really essential but the most dangerous law to follow since it condemns corruption and inequality which most of the people don’t need to eradicate in our communities. This is what makes our holy creed complex and the hardest way to take. To implement this creed also, some leaders need to walk out of the system to allow other leaders walk in and in order to walk out to allow another person walk in, is a step that does not exist in the imaginations/dreams of most of the leaders and therefore the holy creed remain hanging in the tense atmosphere with insignificant impact.

To choose Justice, Liberty and Prosperity, we must have the zeal to practice this special creed if we are to build this creed in our own country and create a positive impact. The task is in our hands as South Sudanese either to have our holy creed functional or to have it hanging in the tense atmosphere as an imagination. May God bless South Sudan and Africa.