By:Carlo James Chol

With due respect to you as one of the Elders of Collo people and one of those we the young people look forward for guidance, advice and aspiration, we are really shocked by this negative attitude you have taken to follow. You would recall that your first article was never answered to. I don't know whether you have asked yourself why? For surely, you were looking forward for any reaction from the parties you intended to hurt.

We were made to understand that your cousins and nephews talked to you very hard and tried to persuade not to writing again. Since your very near of kin spoke to you, most of the people respected that initiative and even those who were in the position to reply were eventually persuaded by this move and ceased to write. This was out of respect to you as one of elders of Collo people and the steps taken by your relatives in Sudan and abroad to alert you.

In my position as the Secretary General of Fashoda Organization and the submitter of the Urgent Appeal for Kodok Hospital, from where you based your "I stand for what I write" I am obliged to answer to part of your article especially the area where you talked about the 2nd All Collo Peace and Development Conference, the story of the presence of the President of South Sudan H.E Salva Kiir, His Majesty Reth Kwongo Dak Padiet and Kodok Hospital. That conference was organized by Fashoda Social and Benevolent Organization in collaboration with other Collo communities in Khartoum, Kenya, Malakal, Kodok, Renk, Wadakona just to mention some and not the SIC. I would like you to understand the difference. If you do not differentiate between politics and social issues at your age, then it is a tremendous disaster.

I personally do not know who the so called Shilluk International Congress is. In fact I am opposed to these ways of writings where unknown cowardice people write without exposing themselves. What they wrote was their own opinion, to which you people replied in the relevant manner. We the organizers invited both H.E. Salva Kiir and H. Majesty Reth Kwongo Dak as the guest of Honour and Patron of the conference respectively.During the opening of the Conference both did not come. None of our reports said that they were in full attendance of the conference. There was no reason at all why we should change the titles of guest of honour and patron since both have accepted the invitations. Even in their absence they remained the distinguished guests of the conference, and we are very proud of that. To make things clear to you, before the conference the delegation sent to Fashoda to give the programmes file were warmly received by His Majesty Reth Kwongo Dak Padiet. As for H.E Salva Kiir, he delegated one of his ministers who failed to come. He also donated an equivalence of $30,000 for the conference, which is now in the account of Fashoda Organization. As for the story of Kodok Hospital for which you asked for investigation, please go ahead. What we did is charity work and falls under our responsibility as a non governmental humanitarian organization. The donation was to Fashoda County and not to Upper Nile Government; therefore, there is no question at all about the Minister of Health to receive the items. It is not true that the nurse stood in the place of a doctor. What is meant here is that there was no doctor, for which the area deserves. This is a call to our people worldwide to sympathize with the situation and to experience the humiliation of Collo Kingdom putting Kodok as an example. On the administrative part, the commissioner who had to go to Malakal due to some border disputes with the Dinkas of Akoko, delegated the Executive Director to receive the items on his behalf. Mind you that the Commissioner was always present during the conference in Malakal, therefore he is aware of the donations.

The mocking way you compared between the authority in Great Britain with H. E. Salva Kiir and H.M Reth Kwongo is no more than sending a signal to H. Majesty that you know longer believe in his powers as King of Collo. You may have your own way of Analysis it and understanding but as for us Collo people if you are not one of them, Reth is King, ruler, inspirer, the guide and hope. It is through this throne that we have survived years of wars and through it we are one of the most venerated tribes in the whole world through our system of law and culture. As Collo we shall raise our king high even higher than any power on Earth. Who is now a liar, a misleader or a hypocrite? At your age I thought you would be an inspiration, but it proved now that you are just an opportunistic who found his way up in politics through luck and the absence of real educated people. If it is not you writing now that you are being labeled as an Abedh Ngony, nobody would have known that. You based this labeling on gossip from some people in Juba and Malakal without mentioning who those people are. Well, was it necessary at all to mention that if you have become one?

What you wrote about your achievements during your political life is the example the young and the pioneering politicians are after.

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  • Guest - Akim Otugi

    Surprise! Who is now insulting the media and the people that use them? To me leaping upon other people with out know them physically is totally unacceptable.

    You know, there is some thing we did know about this media thing. We did not know that some one can sign his/her name on the web with other person's. Let say someone used my name in the media, say some extremely gross abuse using my signature. What do you thing other will say about me? To me, they will response that I am a filthy kind of fellows. But it wasn't me, someone who just found my email and full name use it to hurt other. Media is not what we see in the real world.

    We must not just take any thing we read in the media; we need to filter them better before we take any actions. And if we are confuse about what other say in the media, let's take them and store them behind our head for next time, and response when we are ready. If we response immediately, our response would be "take back your word(s)" or apologize for your misconducting language you use in the media, or rewrite or even back it up with comment say that you did no mean to say such things.

    To me, if we want to insult other in the media according to what they say, the advice is to advise them with some hidden message that will keep him/them think(s) for a few moments. Or we could just email them we are guilty about what they say, but not in the public website like ""

    We are not perfect, but we can be good if we winnow our "sorghum" before we start planning to prepare "Forage or Akelø" for our media

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  • I think the language our writers tend to use these days have went below the ethics standards, which is expected in any writer as a social reformer, thinker, or community activist who bear good news in his or her mind for the entire community even to those who disagree with his or her views. We should check our language whether is an appropriate or inappropriate !!!!!!!!
    Because even if you have a good message and you have communicated poorly as the language can tell, then you are driving people away from the mission, or other may choose not to take part in the process , not because it a bad idea but because of the ongoing confrontation .
    Always a message carrier should have a patient and a long survival spirit toward the objectives.
    I think we should close this topic and focus on the threats facing Podho Collo such as invasion of Jonglei state to Upper Nile State territory in Collo Panykang county, did we (Collo) ask the Governor as well as our assembly to take their stand? to confront Salva, the president who has appinted the Jonglei governor .
    And if Salva did nothing ,then the state has the legal power to call the state forces and drive Jonglei authorities to its border. Although we did not ask our selves for almost 24 years, who are our governors and why?
    I think this should be the mission we should focus on and the message President Salva needs to hear ,rather than internal Collo dispute. May God bless us all, and change our hearts and tranform us , so we may have the spirit of accepting one another.

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  • Guest - Akim Otugi

    Lwanyo Awang!

    You are again right about the language we have been using in the media and you also mentioned that we need to put away some minor crisis and focus on what is facing Cøllø in the Kingdom today. We are not alone in the Sudan that are talking about the the problem that Land is being emerged into other states. The question is: Do Cøllø agree that their piece of their land should be locked out from the main land?
    Wäd Awang! We are blowing the horn for our fellows to keeping bringing up the agenda regard to Our Kingdom to b isolatedt from other states, but other leaders are considering our words as a competitive to other people to leave our land. The may be: Do these people who are non-Cøllø like to live in to in Lägi Cøllø in Peace and not threatening the Cøllø Land and it people?

    Cøllø, we are not alone in the media. there are thousands of educators (few Cøllø) who are against Cøllø to become a state in South Sudan or Republic of Sudan. To win this battle, of withholding those who are against Cøllø, we must not give up. "Winner never quit always"

    Other may think that every thing they have conceived about the Cøllø to have their own state in the media are the media concerns, and we need to realize as well that "it" is now rotten and will not be fully recovered. I am totally sure that, because we are still living next door to the seducer, we will alway be threatened by their disloyalty and dishonesty brotherhoods of their.

    We must keep pressing our educators and leaders in the media and in Lägi Cøllø to get our territory in our hand to secure our children from any catastrophe. Without the state to call ours, will never be free from these betrayers.

    To ring a bell: Why some of our honestest leaders in SPLA/M or NCP are targeted by their political mates because of the positions they have?

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  • Yes, you're right Mr. Akim, I believe having our own state is a good idea and solution that will secure the future of our children as you have mentioned. This mean our media should address our inspiration and put away Collo-Collo dispute that will not take us no where.
    That does not mean there will not be oposition from other, of course I understand there will be, and our media-contibutors have to understand that too. Let keep doing the job and our today criticizers will be our tomorrow people, who will depend the vision. waht ever they right, we should not write back, and stick to the mission "Collo state" let educate our people !!!!!

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  • Guest - Humoon Chol Deng

    Dears Wadi Nyikango,

    Allow me to congratulation all the organizers of "The 2nd all Collo Conference" from the bottom of my heart for the excellent outstanding huge task they had single-handedly accomplished in name of Collo and Collo Kingdom. I would encourage the and any body with similar noble ideas to continue with work well done for the general wellfare of Collo. I would also recommend the contents of H.E. Dr. Lam's speech on the occasion to be taken as some kind of baseline guidelines that would facilitate in tackling future endeavours of the same nature. At this juncture, I would like to single out the splendid out standing capitivating courage displayed by Kodok's hospital nurse in shouldering responsibilities above her/his capacity but where there is will there way. Monetary reward is not enough for her/him. The best reward would be a scholarship for her/him to realise her/his aspirations to be able to serve Collo efficiently.
    However, I would like to register a word of caution to those who would like to refute articles posted on the web site by individual contributors or writers. In making your point, please try your utmost best to avoid the use of abusive adjectives and non-intellectual undiplomatic language as far as possible. Irresponsible language would blurr your message and negate the point you want to put across. We are Collo and we are all in a way connected with one another through familial ties of some kind. Each of us is entitled to an opinion but it should be expressed or refuted objectively to drive home what you would like to communicate for the benefit of all. Inunuendoes and personal attacks would lead us no where and eventually would defeat the noble spirit and intent of the web site,s mission.

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  • Guest - Udal kur

    How can people like Carol Chol, Dr. Peter Otto, and James Solomon that lack integrity handling material resources for collo development? This group of people who are well known for their ego-centrism and nepotism should be allowed to misuse the material resources and share for Collo development. As we all know that creditability for any development program is very important.

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  • I urge our writers' contributors to close this topic and focus on the challenges facing our our times. Collo prosperity and inspiration, when and how? and how can we contribute inclusively? I think we collo want a Collo guy to run for presidency of South Sudan or Presidency of Sudan ir remain can we do it ? what are the tactics?
    Don't be behind the history stay focus. forget this individualism.

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  • Guest - Akim Otugi

    Cøllø! Cøllø!

    Forget individual who have been misleading or misusing Cøllø. Let's focus on Cøllø leadership and how we will run our state. Look! We do not have state. Do you every wake up at/around 12:00am, mid-night and think deeply about Cøllø Kingdom.

    I may believe that many of us are having hard time putting aside individualism, our differences and focus on solving the problems that are facing Cøllø from outside as Lwango mentioned

    Please forget 1,2,3 who are not willing to contribute to Cøllø. I believe that none of us have every thought why all presidents of Sudan, Republic of Sudan have been against Cøllø Kingdom and why, how other people have been accepting bribes from Khartoum government to murder our beloveds one.

    Let me give you hint here : Let workout all our biggest problems first, then we can come to the easiest one. Let's blow our horn so that the world will here that were ready for peace.

    Are you as well still "behind the story" If no, then forget individualism and keep focusing.
    Not many magic word can explode the spell, but the one - powerful one. So, keep focus. Our state, our state, abroad and home. If not sold in Sudan, International court of justice

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  • Guest - Bushay James ador

    THIs is my first time to meat pachodo .org so that iam happy to countinous with it all the time thinkyou . by

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  • Dear All,
    I'm not replying to any of your comments. Just to remind you that, we shouldn't insult ourselves on this webpage. You have other unlimited media to discuss your political disputes or whatever.. Don't judge someone's character rather than his behavior...

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