I didn?t go over the details of power sharing allocation between SPLM and National Congress Party. But what I heard is the position of Upper Nile State went to NCA not to Nuer and NCA brought Mr. Duck Bishop a Nuer militia guy as a governor.
Now with things going wrong in Malakal such as killing, looting, and terrifying the citizens etc and involvement of the governor in that killing. I think it?s a time for Shilluk NCA members to bring this black situation in Malakal to the attention of the President Bashir and ask him to fire Mr. Bishop.

Not just recommending firing him and walking away, you should request the position. Because the governor fails to protect the citizens who are core values of any government. Besides that the position belong to NCA and you?re NCA members too why not you the majority.
What Mr. Duck does and Collo can not do?, all his politics laboratories are on Collo people, do Collo still have the illusion of South and Southern to work or protect Collo instead of Collo themselves.I think it is a time for change, Collo nationalist should stand up, it dose not matter you're SPLM OR NCA OR ANY PARTY ELSE. Show your commitment to serve, protect and rescue Collo?s children, sisters, mothers, fathers, and elders, from 24 years of Nuer government abusing Collo in Malakal till today. As they use to say in America these days, the only way to take Collo land is through maintaining political leader of Upper Nile State, especially the executive branch (governor), and gun even through Arab in Khartoum.Do collo has gun now?This is not a call for burning the Collo land again rather than a call for Collo new political strategy which unify the vision and objectives while we can work from various political parties or organizations or to face the same enemy who hate us to death and still we called him our brother till he overcome us.
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