South Sudan (File Image)
South Sudan (File Image)


” When the eyes are open but there is no sight, life is darkened and ruined”

South Sudan, a country whose people’s history is characterized by isolation, persecution, conflicts and suffering has not yet experienced the desired level of peace, unity and prosperity since its independence ten years ago. The isolation, persecution, conflicts and suffering experienced by South Sudanese in their own independent country today is more painful than the situation experienced during the pre-independence era. This situation clearly points out the divergence from the real state affairs and mismanagement somewhere within our own system of governance or politics.

The crisis in South Sudan inflicted a lot of suffering on South Sudanese to an extent that some feel no hope and desire to have South Sudan as a country since the country has turned a burden to its own people. The absence of vital services like security is a clear indication of a deep sleep within the country. With people’s lives under threats always, life turns meaningless and therefore development and investment can’t be carried out since fear overcomes the capability of the masses from investing and developing their own communities.

The problems that we experience today in our beloved country South Sudan is as a result of  the deep sleep that we have fallen into without knowing that the deep sleep has ruined our own country, the deep sleep has got clear signs in our communities/country today. For instance, rampant conflicts, corruption, tribalism, land grabbing etc. only occur in a country where the politicians have lost their sights and fallen asleep and therefore evil rules and the country turns into hell.

The deep sleep we have fallen into today is also as a result of the unintended promises that we showered ourselves with and false morale that we keep preaching to ourselves without sincerity and finally we are the victims of our own misconducts and the false morale and promises have turned into our own graves. South Sudan will continue to suffer if we are not willing to wake up to solve our own problems humanly.

It is true that there are countless problems in innumerable countries and regions but we shouldn’t use these situations as excuses to run away from solving our own problems. We should also know that many countries experienced hell on earth but nowadays such countries have turned into. The habit of claiming that problems are everywhere in this world is the worst form of the deep sleep that human beings are suffering from nowadays since the creation of this earth. Unless we convince ourselves that we are capable of solving our own problems we shall not wake up to lift South Sudan to experience peace, unity and prosperity.

The deep sleep has ruined our country as it exists in various forms like illiteracy, diseases, tribalism, nepotism, corruption, conflicts, empty promises, visionless political parties and incapable leaders. These are all signs of deep sleep that we need to combat with strength since they are the sources of the hell we are experiencing in our own country today. The best way to wake up is to acknowledge our own failures and weaknesses then move on with fresh and sincere ideas and with this mentality we shall find solutions and eliminate the challenges we face today in South Sudan.  

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