By.Dr. Peter Adwok Otto.

Dear our respected teacher of English language and a renowned Anya-nya I veteran we hail you respect and your good Collo sons, who are working very hard to maintain your previous struggle and heroic stance, thus no one is going to hurt your feelings. However at this age many people get demented (not an abuse), and are not responsible for what they do or say.

I am compelled to answer your article ?I STAND BY WHAT I WROTE? submitted on 06/6/2007, in which you baselessly depending on gossips about the 2nd All Collo Conference for Peace and Development that convened between 24th and 27th April 2007 in Malakal, deny the items donated to Kodok hospital, because I was one of the members that delivered the materials to Kodok hospital in good faith for Collo welfare .

You taught us those days to avoid being vulgar in expressing one?s opinion, and never to lie about others. It seems the time came to pass to relinquish principles and now championing vulgarity in language and assassinating others. If this is the reason why people in Juba and Malakal called you names(I have not heard) one can understand why. Because you better throw stones from a wooden window and not from a glassed one or rather not throwing stones at all is better .

Your previous article ?CALL TO ALL PEOPLE OF SOUTH SUDAN? 1/4/2007 was very vulgar and lacked the sense of proportion and wisdom from a person claiming to have achieved the numerated (7) points (2nd article). In this article you have severely and unjustly smeared the name of Dr. Lam, and also tried to open up the old wounds of the SPLM split along Nasir-Torit cleavage contrary to as acclaimed by you in paragraph 11 of the 1st article.

The writer wants to live the glory of the past, and wants the achievement of self-determination pinned to the party he was indeed the SG. Neither Dr. Lam nor those he called Lamist had denied their role in 1965 Round Table Conference. What the writer had failed to acknowledge either intentionally or by sheer erroneous adamancy is that Dr. Lam on behalf of SPLM -Nasir faction and Dr. Ali Elhaj Mohamed on behalf of the GoS signed the self determination(SD) in Frankfurt in 1992 which became an inalienable right for the people of Southern Sudan there after in all negotiations and now a part of Sudan Organic Law. This is history of which the writer will never change an iota.

We tend to differ with the writer in parts of paragraph 12 , while he is bend to condone some organizations, quote

?My special appeal to the southern people now is let bygones be bygones, let us have one agenda. Communal Organizations like SIC, E.P.C, EIC and Nuer ?. Community etc are relevant in matters of our respective social and economic development programs. Involving them at present may definitely retards or negate our Endeavour to keep together? unquote:

If these communal Organizations are relevant, why is the outrage?

In paragraph 3. both the writer and those charging the Foreign Minister of toeing the line of the president in executing the foreign policies are quite ignorant about the Interim National Constitution of the Republic of the Sudan article 58(1) k which states ? Foreign policy is to be directed and supervised by the president of the Republic? Why then in the first place did SPLM chose the Ministry of foreign Affairs?. Thus the writer echoes the voices of despair. The abusive language used by the writer in paragraph 6 on whom he called Lam loyalists in favor of those he termed Dr. Garang?s loyalist was extremely disrespectful and unfortunate for someone who classifies himself as an elder and who should sensibly be a father of all, that should unite rather, than causing discord. The language used by Jaldwong James Ogilo as calling Mr. Mongo Ajak a Shilluk tractor driver in 1997 election is uncalled for( the Shilluk as a people has no tractor, and therefore no tractor driver. Sheikh Mongo however did not passed the election, instead it was late Dr.Tongyik. Mr. Mong Ajak educated himself and poses better than some certificated ill-inform self styled intellectuals. The less we abuse each other the more tolerant we become, the more we have a basic common goal. What Uncle James Ogilo should know as an old politician who failed an election before, is the fifty-fifty probability of a pass in an election? What he should have also mentioned, is the land - slide victory by Dr. Lam in the 2001 election (the highest vote (> 8000 votes) in the whole of Upper Nile State?

For those who attended the thank giving prayer for uncle James Ogilo at ? SHIGGLA ELHAJ YOUSIF? before his return to USA, he was reported to have praised Dr. Lam for his generosity in facilitating his travel from USA to Sudan. What happened should be left for the writer to reveal.

Coming to the issue which triggered my respond to ?I STAND BY WHAT I WROTE?, is ?good example of their lies and misleading information can be found in the report on the recent Collo Conference in Malkal ?..? paragraph 3. It is to be recalled that any thing done in the name of Collo the only person in the lead would be the Reth of Collo this is a fact that can not make us shy away. H.E. Lt. Gen. Salva K. Mayardit the President of GOSS knows this well as he was an officer in Malakal, a point which never causes an embarrassment. Still more, the seniority of H.E. the President of the South was preserved. However, simulating the situation with the British system, Uncle James Ogilo is disseminating a venom and instigating the President of the South against the Collo people.

H. Majesty Reth Kwongo Dak Padiet consented to Conference and that what matters. H.E. the president of GOSS was coming to the conference if it were not for the guest of GOSS H.E. the president of Eritrea. Still the president clearly appreciated the Conference and appointed a Minister to attend on his behalf with a donation of $ 30,000(US dollars(which was actually received).

The implementation of the resolutions of the conference started immediately by team going the Fashoda County. One group took the resolutions to H.M. the Reth at Fashoda, while the other went to Kodok taking 50 iron beds +50 sponge Mattresses + a brand new diesel electric generator + stand fans to KODOK hospital(I was on the team). The Commissioner remained in Malakal to attend to some security issues of the boarder, but he was fully aware and happy and delegated his top officials in the county to receive us( Police Brig. Army Officer and Assistant Commissioner) , because the donation of the materials for Kodok hospital and fund raising were announced during the celebration in Malakal.

?Worse of all is the alarming story that a female nurse, who was acting in the place of a doctor?

What is worse here? The Sudan is coming out of war and some health facilities in the lucky places are manned by a community health worker (CHW). Jaldwong would do better by sparing his words. He seems to have forgotten because of the lavish American life style. As a man of the people he should have a little sympathy on the poor Collo people in places like Kodok with a poor Female medical Assistant working alone round the clock and never getting her salary on time. Does she not deserve a praise and a prayer?

?If the story is true, it would be a disgrace to the whole Upper Nile State especially that the Upper Nile State Minister at the time was a person who hails from Kodok?

What is disgraceful here? FSBO is a Civil Society Organization and what ever it does is not strictly controlled by the governments.

Uncle James Ogilo seems to have plenty of time which makes him redundant for chicken fed lies told to him by others.

You would do well if you use your time for valuable input young people will remember you for. I will suggest some assignment for you, write on the killing of Ahamed in Panyidway, the massacre of the intellectuals in Wau or still better your own experience in Anya-nya(I) and how you people procured guns from Congo frankly no one wrote about those thrilling stories of our struggle the future generations to come can turn into movies.

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  • Guest - Jwothab Othow

    It is clear and evident that Collo society is at war with itself!!!

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  • I would like to give my thank to those who organized the Collo conference that took place in Malakal two months ago.I was impress by the conference recommendations for development in Collo land.I pray that God will help you to implement them one by one. Don't let yourselves get discourage by the outsiders who are trying to look down on the work that you have done for Collo. I think it would be better if you keep quiet and let your good work speaks by itself.Something which is good does not need to be advertised, So do not waste your time to reply to those who are criticizing the conference either in Sudan or outside, but reflect on how the recommendations will be implemented.

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  • Guest - Humoon Chol Deng

    Dear Wadi Nyikango,
    Allow me to congratulate the organizers of "The 2nd all Collo conference" first and foremost for the task professionally and successfully executed. To them all I say keep up with the outstanding splendid good work, the same level of dedication and committment towards doing what you believe as being the "common good for Collo". The success of the conference was measured in depth by the courage and huge responsibility that was shouldered by Kodok's hospital brave nurse single-handedly. I urge the Minister of Health in Upper Nile State to reward the nurse both with money, medal of distinguished service and scholarship for the sacrifices exhibited by such a dedicated civil servant. The level of responsibility demonstrated by the nurse was far beyond his/her capacity but with the will power and conviction he/she managed to run the hospital till such a time that some one senior to him/her with better qualifications was availed to relieve her/him of the burden. Cheerr!!
    Another point worth mentioning was the theme of H.E. Dr. Lam's address at the opening session of the conference. I commend the contents of the letter to the organising body to be adopted as the baseline guidelines for future endaevours.
    May I register a word of caution to the sincere contributors and members of the web site. Going through their articles and refutals it was apparent that most of them contained disparageous personal attacks as opposed to objective rebuttals. For instance, using adjectives, coining innuendoes names and non-intellectual languages to reply to an article is totally unethical and not acceptable. Such articles could serve the cause of Collo but would rather defeat the noble objectives for which the site was launched. We must engage in constructive objective writings for the benefit of all. After all let us remember that Collo as a tribe has familial ties interwoven into our social fabric from all the four corners of Collo land. So please let's refrain and steer clear from using foul language as far as possible.
    Thank you
    Humoon Chol

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  • Collo is not in war byitself, but Collo is in the discovery of untold stories, and one of them is the article written above. I was happy when I Knew about the Collo conference in Malakal, Therefore I particepated my thought because I felt apoligated to. Now, to know that it was successful and the result was carried out imideately, that is another step forward for devolopment of free Collo land. Thanks to those who worked hard to make the conference happened. Thanks to those who are helping Collo wherever they are.

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