Poem - Where Then Shall I Dwell?



By: Ogeryath Oger

The thunder pears my mind and its sound drills my hope. The roaring thunder comes with heavy rains that wash away all my possessions and leaves my hope crippled. Where then shall I dwell.

The rains have transformed into floods, which floods have carried away my descendants and offspring, who were the only hope I had. Where then shall I dwell.

The floods have devastated my farmsteads, the farmsteads on which my stomach relied on to combat hunger; nowadays, the poverty rules and I wear it like my own clothes. Where then shall I dwell.

My land is flooding and weeping from this unpitying crisis. Where else should I turn my head to? Even my aides have been washed away. Where then shall I dwell.

I thought my children have a bright future and hope, but there is no future any more. My grandmothers and grandfathers don’t exist any more. The riddles and old sweet stories have gone with them.

In the flooded land, I hear the cries of the children, disabled masses and elders wailing for help but whom should I help when I am sinking Deep under the waters. Where then shall I dwell.

I thought my race would push me towards my dreams for great life in the days to come, but my race is never promising. Nowadays, I require four legs for deadly race against the floods, since the two legs have left masses dead. Where then shall I dwell.

Oh!!!!! The great gods might have abandoned me to perish. But oh god's spare my children to breathe for better future. Command the floods to carry me away, but not my children. Where then shall I dwell.

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