By James Okuk, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.?

In my opinion, a Collo elder like James Ogilo is demoting himself from the deserved respect. He has dropped his political credibility from bad to worse with the two internet articles he wrote. Young people like me would have expected African elderly wisdom from him like other esteemed elders of Collo (Adwok Luigi, Acwil Lawal, Joshua Okwaci, Angelo Othow, etc.). Alas! Instead he has been breathing hatred nonsense about Collo problems and burning cases ? insults.

By what mandate should Mr. Jaldwong Ogilo deny that H. M. ?R?th Kwong Dak Padiet was not the patron and H. E. Hon. Salva Kiir Mayardit the quest of honour of the 2nd All Collo Peace and Development Conference? The organizers of that conference did seek the consent and approval of the two leaders to be the august dignitaries for that second greater event in Collo History. H.M. R?th Kwong chose Malakal to be the venue of the conference when the organizing committee proposed Kodok initially. H.E Salva contributed (with the approval of GoSS cabinet) an amount of 30,000 US dollars for that well-organized conference. He also authorized H.E. Hon. Riak Machar to send one of the GoSS Ministers to receive the conference Recommendations and Resolutions. Their absence in the conference physically was only due to unavoidable circumstances and nothing else as Jaldwong Ogilo wrongly speculates and politicizes it. Jaldwong Ogil could have wisely evaluated the value of the ideas contained in that documentary instead of focusing on who did not come to that conference.


Mr. Jaldwong, the recommendations and resolutions you read on the internet were drawn out from the presented papers that were thoroughly discussed and scrutinized in the plenary. Before finalizing them, they were subjected to thematic group discussions, scrutiny and approval of the conference participants. The environment of the conference was purely Collo?s initiatives, motivations and creativity. It was culturally coloured with traditional sagacity songs and dances from seventeen Collo musical bands. Therefore, at least, for those who witnessed that event, they will testify that it was an objective and intersubjective documentary aimed sincerely at starting to think and work seriously for peace-building and development in Collo land and kingdom; and not for political power aspiration. Even Jaldwong Ogilo would have liked the conference had he been there. That seriousness was signified by the benefits enjoyed by Kodok hospital immediately after the conference (donation of 50beds and 50sponge mattresses, 3big stand fans, 1power generator and electric cables, one million and nine hundred Sudanese pounds, some medical drugs and two days community service by two specialist Collo doctors from Khartoum). The delegation who took the donation was received with admiration by the top government authorities and residents of Kodok. They were joined by the county commissioner the following morning before they went to pay tribute to SPLA heroes? tombs.


Given the above facts, where does the word ?lies? applies here Mr. Jaldwong Ogil if you are not the liar yourself!!! Do all those benefits equalize your listed nostalgic achievements that have nothing to offer currently to the basic needs in Collo underdeveloped land? Why do you hate, envy and doubt the work of those who have not run away from their country to seek refuge elsewhere when peace has come into their motherland? Is it not a good act from the people you are mistakenly calling liars when they take their time and exert their efforts to do something valuable for the Collo land, which was burnt down by ?abethi ngony? and their supporters who now claim to be bona fide people of the Collo Kingdom? And are you not proving the doubt that you may be one of them by not appreciating the good work done, so far so good, as a result of that conference? On what ground do you connect the conference with the so-called Shilluk International Congress (SIC) whose delegates were never seen anywhere in the conference?


Mr. Jaldwong, if the published recommendations and resolutions were lies, the organizers of the conference would have rather kept them in the dark to avoid exposure in the light of the truth. They would have not even bothered to take lies to H.M. R?th Kwongo immediately after the conference. His Majesty would have detained and punished them in Fashoda immediately after he read the introduction were he had not the patron. On the other side, H.E. Salva would have not even dared to request the committee to submit that documentary to him for consideration and future grass-roots action by his government (GoSS). On my side, I would have not even cared to waste my time on a computer and internet to give this detailed reply to your ill-motivated article that tries to deny a good work in Collo land.


Please Jaldwong James Ogilo, get back into your proper frame of mind and re-start to look at good things with constructive intellect rather than destructive heart. Read the brilliant analytical article entitled ?Treasure before Our Eyes? published in website, which was written by young intellectual Rev.Fr. Matthew Pagan in Rome and responded by Dr. Akim Otugi. Begin to reform yourself for positive thinking. Try to inculcate some sagacity to be emulated by young Collo who are just recovering from the culture of war. Show love of the good deeds even if done by the people you dislike. Do not allow critical people to think that you need Evangelist Renhart Bonke to heal you from intellectual disability befalling you!!!


If you still doubt that the conference and the improvement made to Kodok hospital were lies, the organizing committee is ready to contribute for your air tickets to Sudan and Malakal, and then your speed board fare to Kodok so that you can hear, see and touch the reality on the ground. This is the time you should come home than live frustrated in the Diaspora. One of the conference resolutions is to encourage our people to return home and participate in peace-building and development. Please come back home even if you continue to be a condemnation consultant of the negative-thinking Collo members! Your criticisms, when they are objectified on real events might put our leaders and people straight back to noble Collo values.

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hi evrybody here i actualy wanna to talk about hard life in algeria with dog government

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