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”There is hope for every dream to be fulfilled as long as we exist under the sun”

South Sudan, a country whose price is unmatched and can’t be defined, holds dreams of thousands of South Sudanese. The dreams of those who desire to transform the country into a home of peace, prosperity and hope and the dreams of those who desire to create an everlasting impact and positive history in the country. The country holds enormous resources ranging from rich mental abilities possessed by great men and women to innumerable natural resources that can transform the country positively for the decades to come.

Unlike other countries in Africa and in the world that can hold the world in the circle of hope, South Sudan has got a vital role to play in creating a prosperous region/continent or country. Apart from the natural resources that we possess in the country, South Sudanese have got dreams that must be brought to light, focused on and made possible. Countless people in the country don’t wish to have South Sudan dependent on other countries in the region or outside the region for years to come. This idea is a living dream that can make the country self-reliant and economically independent. There are those who also wish to have South Sudan in the years to come free from violence, tribalism and conflicts/wars. This as well is a dream that can transform the country and push us towards building a nation where tribalism finds no space to dwell in and where the masses look at diversity as a blessing and a gift of wisdom.

In every part of the world we live in, there are dreams which are well designed and planned but we must know that to achieve the dreams and bring about greater and positive transformations, the dreamers must be supported, guided and welcomed forward to implement their dreams/projects for the sake of human building and prosperity. However we must know that every little plant growing without being watered is at a risk of perishing and that is exactly the case with the great dreamers that if they are never given a chance of preaching their great dreams to the masses and implementing them, they are at a risk of perishing as well. A plant that would grow to feed countless people, provide shade and firewood to  the masses  can perish for not being watered likewise the great dreams that can transform our country into a better country can as well turn into total darkness if not given concentration.

South Sudanese with great dreams must therefore be given a chance to change the country into a self-reliant economy, peaceful nation and make the masses productive through equipping them with skills that can transform all the various sectors in the country be it public or private. There are no doubts at all in building South Sudan into a better and prosperous country whose children, youths and elders live in peace and good health and whose people enjoy world-class services.

However, how can we achieve the dreams of having South Sudan self-reliant, prosperous, economically independent, democratic, peaceful and united? In order to have our dreams fulfilled, we must convince ourselves to abandon corruption, tribalism, nepotism and wars/conflicts to have South Sudan in a better shape in the years to come. We must not forget that peace, unity, prosperity and dreams all come through knowledge and wisdom and we must have our government concentrating on building better schools to eliminate illiteracy and ignorance, build better roads and bridges and bring true peace to facilitate transfer of knowledge and allow the masses to take part in transforming and improving the broken economy, fight corruption honestly with no favoritism and unite all the tribes.

By bringing peace in the country that develops into long term stability, countless dreams are revived and brought to life once more and the beneficiaries of the great transformations to come shall be South Sudanese themselves. There is something special in us that despite being from different tribes speaking incomprehensible tongues, we do still exist together. What a gift!!!!!

“ Every South Sudanese can breathe life into South Sudan if given a chance and supported and we must know that from the heaven above comes the knowledge descending in form of a human and therefore human is knowledge from heaven above”  

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