Eng. Akol Santo Arech (Supplied)
Cde Eng. Akol Santo Arech (Supplied/File)


By Damosip Deng

Few days ago, I came across a defamatory article written against the personality of Cde Eng  Akol Santo Arech, by the paid writer in person of Deng Majok Wol and published by one of the opposition sponsored media outlets called nyamilepedia. The article was authored by the hired keyboard warriors with a clear intention of tarnishing the good images of both Cde Akol Santo Arech and Amb. Veronica Athian Lawrence. 

The social media community needs to be aware that both Cde Eng. Akol Santo and Amb. Veronica Athian Lawrence are staff in the presidency and have no existing relationship besides being colleagues in the presidency. Cde Akol Santo is a responsible married man who is happily living and taking care of his family and he has never and will never be involved in any illicit affairs. He grew up in a family of high integrity and dignity, guided by the Dinka social fabrics and norms. He is a soldier by profession and currently serving as an ordinary staff in the Office of President. He has a clean record. Akol Santo Arech is a trained soldier and he is currently assigned in the office of President. 

Cde Akol Santo Arech is not lobbying for the position of the private secretary to the president as claimed by the hired keyboard warriors because a professional soldier doesn't lobby for a position. Lobbying for a position is mostly done by politicians. He is happy and satisfied with his current position as an ordinary staff member. The individuals who hired the author to pen such a defamatory article are afraid of the capability and potentiality of Cde Akol Santo Arech and this explains why they fabricated baseless propaganda that he is lobbying for the position of the private secretary.  In addition to that, Cde Eng. Akol Santo Arech isn't at loggerhead with his boss Gen. Bona Gong as alleged by the confused paid writers in their article. Cde Akol has a very strong working relationship with Gen. Bona Gong at the time of writing this article. Gen. Bona Gong is one of the people whom Cde Akol respects to the maximum due to the fact that he has been working with him for several years. 

Cde Eng Akol Santo Arech has no link with any group against the president as claimed by the hired writer. He is known for his unquestionable and unchangeable loyalty to his boss, the president of the Republic. The individuals who hired the media warriors designed this cheap propaganda with an aim of diverting people's attention. However, their cheap propaganda will never hold water in the minds of our intellectuals on social media. 

In addition, there is no existing group called " Mading Awiel Gangster" as claimed by the hired writers in their article. " Mading Awiel Gangster is non-existent. This is an insult to the entire Awiel Community and this shows that the enemies of Cde Akol Santo and Amb. Veronica Athian are mere illiterate sectionalists and clanists who are thirsty for power and wealth.  There is no group called the Mading Awiel Gangster in the office of President. Any attempt to betray members of certain sections by desperate power and wealth hungry criminals should be treated as jealousy and betrayal of the whole South Sudan.

In conclusion, the social media community in its entirety must disregard whatever nonsense was written against the personality of Cde Eng. Akol Santo Arech by the hired writers. Those hopeless lobbyists who usually sponsor such defamatory articles against Cde Eng Akol Santo should take into consideration that they will never succeed in tarnishing the good image of Akol through thier white lies. The current generations of South Sudan are well informed and they can never be blindfolded by the uniformed illiterate and greedy individuals.

The writer is a political analyst and can be reached via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.