It Was An Iron Curtain And Now It Is An Iron Wall (Part 1)

It Was An Iron Curtain And Now It Is An Iron Wall (Part 2)


Long ago it was an iron curtain which the aliens erected to foil my feet cross into the land of the promises. The iron curtain blocked me from the flow of human sympathy. I was deprived of freedom and never felt the precious compassion. My face developed depressed as it never witnessed scrupulousness. My heart got crippled and broken as I was treated awfully. If I could see the sun, it was during its setting in the West and never felt its temperateness of the calm morning as it ascended from the East. The graves were more peaceful than my biosphere as the graves sheltered those enjoying everlasting rest while I experienced the everlasting pain. The pain was my morning, day and night and I wore it like my own cloth. The only hope that clothed me those days was when death memories ran through my tormented mind since in death I hoped to experience everlasting joy. Throughout the bright days and dark nights I fed on the whips which whips fed on my blood and skin. But at the end, little did I know that the struggle was the hope and the emancipation that would stop the whips from feeding on my skin and blood. To take the iron curtain down I relied on my natural limbs to combat my oppressors little did I know that pangas would work better than my limbs. Whether it was death or life waiting for me on the narrow risky roads occupied by brutal, ruthless and aggressive aliens, I would proceed knowing that the pangas worked. Finally with time as I got rid of my enemies, my crippled weak feet finally touched the land of the promises where peace, love, justice and light shall forever dwell but the promises were short-lived as gigantic iron wall stretched itself all over by feet spaces leaving peace, justice, love and light crumbling and sinking into the cracks deep under the iron wall. My panga could not work anymore as it could not confront the iron wall erected on my own land. I now wail and wail and lament asking myself countless questions on why I never remained in the land of the Iron wall where life was suffering but not death and where I could see the beautiful sunset that would remind me that the world still exists. My mind is blocked and my heart malfunctioning, what else could take down the Iron wall? I always ask my inner self but the inner self is like an enormous desert where hope can never be found. But I tell myself again and again, maybe I have to possess something more than a panga and surely I have got a rocky hope in my mind and heart that through resistance the days of the Iron wall are never multiplying.

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