May 4, 2007 (JUBA) ? The goat married to a man at Hai Malakal, Juba, last year has now died. It delivered a baby goat four months ago. The goat, "Rose", was used for sexual intercourse and a man was caught red-handed. Elders forced the man to marry the goat.

According to eyewitness and goat owner, Mr Alifi, he found the goat defiler, Mr C.T., naked in his goat shed having intercourse with his goat. After consulting local elders in a customary court case, the elders decreed that the goat offender must pay a dowry of 75 dollars. Since last year, the wedded goat has now produced a kid; but not a human one.

Mr Alifi further says that he did not give a name to the goat before, but during the local court deliberations the elders jokingly referred to the goat as Rose. Rose was black and white in colour and unfortunately died recently. Neighbours suspect Rose may have eaten a plastic bag littered near Mr T.?s compound. She is survived by a newly born male goat, now four months old and staying with Mr T.

One of the elders present during the hearing says they were invited by Alifi to come and solve the issue. "We found Mr T. was tied down by Alifi at the door of the goat shed," said the elder; he said the marriage was to teach Mr T. a lesson.

(Juba Post)

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  • The case of this man in Juba making intercourse with a goat is no surprise in this world, as these sick sex meniacs are every where e.g. men making sex with men, men with animals,men with dead bodies, women making sex with women or with animals. What is surprising indeed , is calling this kind of behavior as marriage. This is quite a misuse of the language as marriage is usually a legal bondage between the opposite sex(strictly human beings). even the gay sexual bondage is absurd to be called marriege because it is a sin. Therefore don't turn this esteem website into a tabloid dissiminating nonsense and about courts of people who have nothing else to do.
    Why if Mr.Alifi thought it was a marriage did he tie C.T.? He should have made an announcement.
    Why is Rose said to have died from a plastic bollous and not HIV- which could have made sense.
    please these are local news which never deserve publishing in a good web site as that of Paccodo with headhigh reselent reputition as the names poses.
    never be carried by foriegn attitudes. don't hurt the feelings of those who like the website. Because such news never from far or near is posing an issue for solution.

    Dr. Peter Adwok Otto.

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  • Guest - Micmac Faydayray

    WTF Mr. T?

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