Ogeryath Oger

By: Ogeryath Oger

“For you who are far from home, take courage and fill yourselves with skills that can transform South Sudan in the years to come”. 

It is in nature’s records and realness that as a person lives far from the place of origin, the feelings for his/her motherland seem to be overcome and occupied by that of place of residence especially if the place of residence is lifesaving, stable, peaceful and generally promising . It is never human’s fault for one’s feelings to be drawn far away from his/her motherland but nature’s making and that is how life treats our feelings and minds basing on the current status of the homeland. Countless South Sudanese reside outside South Sudan willingly/unwillingly basing on various reasons. There is hope in some residing outside that South Sudan can and will transform to better while there are those who doubt basing on the current situation and the mistrust they have witnessed countless times that destabilized our country and left many filled with fear and hopelessness.

It is in nature’s realism as well for one to seek knowledge on the place of his/her origin and that has always been the thirst of all humans towards the origin of earth existence and its evolution. There are South Sudanese who have never seen South Sudan some only see the country on internet and read news about it on various social media platforms. Some news and videos about South Sudan irritate several people while the same news and videos weaken but strengthen some that the country can and will be peaceful and united one day.

Yes, the state in which South Sudan is in today fills the minds of the South Sudanese in diaspora with countless questions and heavy sadness. Some ask of the origin of crisis and division, while others seek solutions for all the problems that face us today in South Sudan in order to stabilize and unite the country to achieve peace and unity. Almost everyone in the diaspora wishes the country unity and peace, knowing that the country for long has suffered and heavily broken down by the conflicts that engulf it.

However, in order to transform South Sudan into a peaceful and promising country, South Sudanese in the diaspora can play a positive role in transforming South Sudan into a stable state and united country that can bring all the South Sudanese together and rebuild confidence and trust in our country and leaders once more. The South Sudanese in diaspora must be strong enough to play a positive role in transforming South Sudan through the skills that they are acquiring in different places they reside in today. 

To all the South Sudanese in the diaspora, take courage my dear ones and think positively about South Sudan, equip yourselves with necessary skills that can transform our country into a better country where hope, peace and unity can shine. The education that you are acquiring today where ever you are is so vital in building South Sudan and transforming lives of millions of South Sudanese. Take courage in whatever projects you have established believing that one day South Sudan will embrace you to use your skills in building the nation. 

However, never allow yourselves to eat from the poisonous supper that most of our people ate and if you eat from it then we shall all die or stay divided for many years to come. Feed yourselves with positive thoughts that South Sudan is a home for all South Sudanese and no tribe, state or region is more important than the other. Embrace our diversity as a gift of nature and never allow the young ones take on nepotism, tribalism, corruption and hatred as ways of living. As you educate yourselves and acquire skills, always believe that South Sudan needs for greater transformation. ” For whoever has a burning desire to build a peaceful and united society will always build it”.  May God bless South Sudan.

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