By: Ogeryath Oger
By: Ogeryath Oger


For every great turn and accomplishments recorded in human account, the driving power has always been dedication and clear ideas which produce a new dawn full of optimism, liberty and opulence. Today in South Sudan we dream of a new dawn in order to see a new South Sudan which is promising and full of optimism and desire to live calmly and unified. The new dawn which is deeply rooted in our imaginings is conceivable and real in the country and century that we live in. In order to step up and reach the heights of greatness and be able to see a new dawn as South Sudanese, we must review our history and the history of the most successful countries on this planet. Throughout centuries, magic and imagination have never transformed lives nor have they taken people far towards new dawn. History demonstrates to us a lot about the facts of experiencing a new chapter or new dawn that we preach daily to achieve one time in our lifetime. Before speaking of a new dawn in South Sudan, dedications and clear ideas must drive us towards shaping South Sudan into a country that we need to expose to the world.

According to our history, South Sudanese had to dedicate themselves to fighting for liberty and independence with clear ideas deeply anchored in the hearts and the minds of South Sudanese and without clear ideas and dedication, the efforts of the freedom fighters would have been in vain. It is also vivid that all the colonized countries liberated themselves through clear ideas and dedication.

We live in the youngest country in the world with fertile land and countless natural resources ranging from forests, mountains and hills, rivers and swamps and massive oil fields in accessible parts of our country but we must also honestly state that with the presence of all these natural gifts, most of our masses are illiterate with no access to medication, clean water, electricity and security. In order to start a new dawn we must be honest and identify our problems as faults and our own failures to provide for our country. A new dawn starts with the identification of our weaknesses and failures so that we may be able to gather clear ideas to combat the weaknesses and the failures propelled by our dedication towards a new hopeful start.

South Sudan’s new dawn is possible where we are driven by ideas and dedication towards uplifting our country. We may be disunited today but we must unite, we may be attached to our tribes and villages of origin but we must attach ourselves to our country more than ever before. The game of words is simply a poison taken unknowingly that activates ideas and dedication for a while and ruins everything for good. We need to gather strength and courage once more to come close to another with the hope of forgiving, loving and working positively together to start a new dawn in South Sudan

 Today, the ideas tell us that we must build schools to heal our people from ignorance, hospitals to treat the sick and safe lives and build roads to ease accessibility and movements, provide clean water to avoid illnesses and provide security to create confidence in our villages and towns and encourage investments and trade so that we may increase on our earnings and participate in the world markets. Yes, all these are great ideas that can totally bring us to a new dawn and completely change South Sudan but we must dedicate ourselves through actual work on the ground to keep our words alive and active.

We live in a sphere of greatness and possibilities where there are prodigious ideas and dedication, South Sudan can attain a new dawn if we are dedicated to realize our ideas implemented with bravery and trustworthiness. We have got nobody in this world that dears South Sudan more than South Sudanese and thus no one will ever consider bringing new dawn to South Sudan other than South Sudanese themselves. The new dawn lies within us and if we express dedication we shall entirely start a new chapter however if we choose to merely relax and snooze, forever South Sudan will be unchanged for eras to come and may God reward us with great ideas and dedication to start a new dawn in South Sudan. 

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