By: Ogeryath Oger

South Sudan needs transformation in order to propel towards unity and healing that may uplift the standards of living, mental health and the way we react, act and respond to the challenges that encounter us in our country in political, economic and social sectors. As South Sudanese we look directly to the government to come up with the plans that may transform and uplift our country to a better level and that thought isn’t evil to look directly to the government for transformation. Yes the government is so powerful since it controls the political, economic and social sectors in South Sudan as it undertakes decisions that guide the running of the country politically, economically and socially. However, in order to transform South Sudan and direct the country towards the right path of economic growth, political greatness and social integration, we have a role assigned to us to perform in order to inject great strength, ideas and influence in transforming South Sudan to fit in the world that we desire to dwell in unity.

Countless conferences and dialogues have been held in the country for a great number of years meant to bring unity and healing. There is no doubt at all that the conferences and dialogues added special transformation in various sectors as some of the conferences acted as lessons to us in the country that we must act differently and honestly in handling the most significant matters in our country. Transformation is required in the country in order to gather strengths once more where we have lost strengths and to mend the trust that might have been broken in the previous years. However transformation must be looked at as a long term project that may not be accomplished in a five year period or a decade as some projects take time to be accomplished depending on the prevailing conditions at time. But we must know that for South Sudan to attain long term progressive and positive transformation that may breed healing and unity, we must invest highly in transforming our minds in order to breed positive and highly valued and beneficial ideas that may take us a step ahead. How then can we transform our minds to breed beneficial and highly valued ideas that may lead us towards healing and true unity in South Sudan? What role can we play in thought transformation?

To answer the questions above, we must first recognize that the previous misunderstandings that occurred in our country badly and negatively transformed our country and therefore it must be taken as a lesson and avoided from reoccurring. We must have learnt from the previous conflict that misunderstandings can be handled through face to face negotiations steered by honesty, patriotism and courage. We must also admit that we badly hurt one another, forced our own brothers and sisters to places they never planned to live in, scattered families and greatly retarded prosperity and stability in South Sudan. If we are able to admit our mistakes collectively and honestly then that is the first step toward true transformation that may breed healing and unity among us as South Sudanese.

In order to transform South Sudan, we must be so confident, open and honest to adjust our actions, talks and thoughts and this is through taking time in educating ourselves honestly that division, corruption, tribalism, nepotism and violence can’t and shall never at any time in South Sudan bring unity and healing that we seek through various means. There is no specific tribe, region or state that is faced by severe challenges today in South Sudan neither is there any specific tribe, region or state that is floating on wealth, justice and prosperity. We must be so vivid in our judgments that all the challenges that face South Sudan today, affect all the tribes, regions and states and therefore collective response is a perfect step towards encountering these challenges thus many heads are better than one. The mental transformation should be our priority since it positively changes our thoughts, actions and reactions. The source of solutions and problems is the human brain and if we as South Sudanese invest highly in education that can transform our thinking positively, there is no doubt at all that unity and healing can’t be achieved. Educating minds doesn’t only require us to walk to schools only and get certificates, diplomas, degrees, masters or PhDs. Education must eliminate illiteracy, ignorance, arrogance, tribalism, violence, nepotism and corruption in our lives as South Sudanese in order to achieve healing and true unshakeable unity.

We must play a vital role in convincing ourselves that the country belongs to all of us and without us the country can never exist. Therefore whatever thoughts and actions that we display in our communities, shall always have an impact on our country for a great number of years. Our role in uniting and healing South Sudan today is to strongly stand for our country against all the previous thoughts and actions that have broken down our strengths and courage. The transformation that we desire through positive education starts from within my mind today then my family, neighbors and the whole community. The best lesson that we can teach ourselves every day is to always consider conflict, division, corruption and negativity as aliens and sicknesses. May God bless our homeland with thoughts that are positive and great.”

For where the thoughts are positive, unity and healing are the breeds and where the thoughts are negative, all the great human abilities are broken down”.   

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