By: Ogeryath Oger
By: Ogeryath Oger


Reading through the history of Sudan from the time of the Mahdist empire to the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) in 2005, that means from the 19th century to the 21th century, the history of Sudan to a greater extent is mainly dominated by political, economic and social inequalities throughout history. Sudan is also known to have got involved in the longest civil war in Africa with itself which left many dead and hopeless. As narrated by our own elites in South Sudan, that the 1956 declaration of the independence of Sudan was the start of the imposed suffering on the Southern region by then, this means the South Sudanese themselves have lived through a dark history of horror. In 1983, there was really a genuine reason for the formation of SPLM/A since the movement carried the theme of salvation to eradicate imposed suffering and injustices poured on the people of South Sudan by the Khartoum government during that period.

The history goes on narrating battles won and lost  and countless souls sacrificed by the people of South Sudan during the 21 years of the struggle by the SPLM/A  until the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement in 2005 which offered us a choice to either separate or remain united as Sudanese. It must be known clearly that it wasn’t a blender to choose separation depending on the complex history of Sudan filled with political, economic and social created inequalities. Separation was clearly inevitable in the sights of the masses that for long suffered imposed suffering. The masses never meant to direct hatred towards those that made them suffer for a lengthy period but they simply wanted the guns down and transformation to a better life. Without sincere leadership of sincere individuals throughout the transitional period, the creation of South Sudan would have been in vain.

The primary objectives for the creation of South Sudan as a sovereign country are well written in our dark history of suffering, humiliation and injustices. Our leaders clearly comprehended the situation of the masses of South Sudan and we all had backing of one another to create a country that can accommodate us peacefully and offer us the opportunity to live in peace and harmony without intimidation or suppression.

However, what really happened to my leaders who mobilized our masses in 1983 to rally behind the objective of creating an independent state and to combat the forces of colonization by hook or crook. Why have my leaders forgotten the painful history of the past years that left many South Sudanese disgruntled and broken? Why have my leaders broken their promises of delivering services to the people of South Sudan? Why have my leaders divided our once beautiful united land into tribal territories? The answers to the endless questions aren’t far from our tongues. Our leaders must have forgotten the primary objective for the creation of South Sudan and the demands of the South Sudanese.

Though we have easily forgotten our painful history of the past 21years, it is never impossible to stand up confidently once more to reactive the primary objective for the creation of South Sudan, even if we have abandoned our promises of creating a country where we shall all live together in peace and harmony, it is never impossible to take courage once more and stand up genuinely for peace and unity. The international and regional bodies assisting us in correcting our mistakes are supplementary partners in creating stable South Sudan. We must have the peace and unity that we desire in South Sudan.

Oh my leaders, the people seek for genuine and strong leadership once more so that we may be able to courageously sail through the bloody ocean that we are in today. For long we have rallied behind you for peace and stability of South Sudan and we shall always rally behind you for peace and unity but show us the leadership that can make South Sudan a country that we desire to live in. Innumerable people are internally displaced, refugees, hopeless, sick, hungry and thirsty, it is painful and deplorable to station our country in such a situation. Oh my leaders, if you are to offer something special to the people of South Sudan today, offer the real forgotten promises. May God bless South Sudan and bind the masses together.    

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