By: Ogeryath Oger
By: Ogeryath Oger


We must be well aware of the current situation in South Sudan, especially the alarming and deplorable humanitarian crises all over the country coupled with the unstable political climate in various parts of the country all over the three regions. The crises that we face today are human created, not natural by any means and if we go down the road to dig deep into the origins of the crises, our fingers are well aware of the directions they shall take. However, it is not progressive to talk about the crises that we face without putting up durable solutions to the problems that we face in South Sudan today

It is true that the country faces an unstable political climate that keeps many of the civilians afraid and hopeless, social problems that are greatly dividing our previously strong built coordinating and peace loving societies and severe economic challenges that continue to drain our hopes of living and survival. All these challenges are for sure unavoidable but solvable by all means in case the leaders are willing to stand up firmly to face all these challenges collectively with courage and skills. There is no specific or special time that we must wait for in order to respond to the alarming situation in our country today and the more we wait the more the situation gets worse.

The political, economic and social challenges that engulfed the country today, have transformed our own people into internally displaced people under the protection and support of UN forces, the crisis as well has forced many to flee to the neighboring countries to seek for safety and better life where they live as refugees in those countries and those who took courage to remain in the country living in the villages, towns and cities must exploit their energies beyond their capacities to survive. Those who failed to cope up with the situation like some men and women abandoned their families as a result of heavy burdens on their shoulders while their children have seen the streets as the available options. We can go on narrating more and more but what must we do to bring our country back to normal?

The answer to the above question isn’t far-fetched from our sights and minds. The solution that is great and perfect to the crisis that the country faces today, is to have our leaders re-activating the original memories about causes of the countless rebellions or wars they led before the independence in the name of transforming the lives of South Sudanese to better. Our leaders must have forgotten their promises and the original goals under which South Sudan was established. It is so alarming to my leaders and becoming bitter. My leaders, please restore your original dreams and promises to put the country on its feet in order to have the refugees coming back and the displaced finding hope. The hope of the entire country lies right in your hands and as you were able previously to mobilize the masses beside you during the struggle for the independence, do the same as well to mobilize once again to revive meaningful life in South Sudan. For if you choose to sleep my leaders, then to hell we shall all head. May God bless South Sudan.   


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