South Sudan president reshuffles Upper Nile Government

Sunday 6 May 2007.

By Mayen Deng Athuai

May 5, 2007 (KHARTOUM) ? In a clear indication of his determination to fight corruption in the oil rich state, the President of the Government of Southern Sudan has issued a resolution for the dismissal of a number of responsible in the Upper Nile State government and appointment of news ones.

The First Vice President and President of the Government of Southern Sudan. Salva Kiir Mayardit, has increased his campaign against corruption by issuing on Thursday May 3, a republican resolution discharging a number of SPLM ministers district governor and county commissioners in the government of the south and the appointment of others.

Luke Bedonk, the Finance Minister of the Upper Nile state was replaced by Stephen Dhieu of the South Sudan Bank.

Kiir further issued a resolution appointing a number of SPLM Ministers, district governors and county commissioners in Upper Nile state.


Dr. Muckuan Kak Ajang was appointed Minister of Education Science and Technology, Moses Kueth Kang Minister of Health, Sarah Nyanath Young, formerly deputy chairperson of the Upper Nile legislative Assembly, was designated Minister of Social Development, and Mr. James Duer Chuol Political Advisor.


In respect of the new governors and county commissioners, Paul Arop Yoygeng was appointed governor for Fashoda district, Daniel Odok Deng for Panyikang district, Deng Akuai Kak for Renk district, Moses Thon for Baliet district, Mr. David Kek Monydet for Ulang district, Mr. Gatluak Riek Jaak Commissioner of Maiwut county, Mr. John Ivo Mountom Commissioner of Maban county, Mr. Thon Juac Bol Commissioner of Melut county, and Mr. El Thaif Ajang Okiech Commissioner of Manyo county.

Meanwhile, the ousted Upper Nile Finance Minister, Luke Bedonk, said that the decision of the Upper Nile Legislative Assembly, issued on 19 March, which subjected him to a vote of no-confidence after he was accused of deducting 40 % of employees salaries as well as of failing to account for an amount of USD 2 billion ? the state?s share of the oil revenues ? was arbitrary and has been manipulated by the Assembly.

He indicated that the amount was present in a closed account in the Central Bank of Sudan of which the state withdraws salary amounts on a monthly basis after receiving them from the Federal Finance Ministry. Although, he added, the remittances are most of the time irregular.

Luke Bedonk proclaimed that the financial measures he had adopted in the state had been in conformity with the resolutions of the state?s cabinet and GoSS policies.

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