Lakes State (Wikipedia)
Lakes State (Wikipedia)


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac 


Dear fellow young men and women of Rumbek, particularly the Youth, our Community is bigger than all of us but we forget the great image of our community of Rumbek, land of Milk and honey full of pride and hope.

The case of Star hotel during ceremony of reinstatement of mama Honorable Cde Nyitur Dhieu to NLA is the practice of serious limbo of our Community and I don't wish such attitude to be practice again in our society particularly in the face of our Nation which is Juba, our people usually used to fight at home and we fight again in Juba so what future do we need exactly as a people of Rumbek, too shameful to us Young people for the people we expected to advice us to be a friend of violent too.

I watched that Video upto the end and I didn't hear Honorable Akol Paul Kordit mentioned the name of Honorable Paul Mayom Akec as person simply because Honorable Akol Paul Kordit have nothing completely to do with the names of Mayom Akech since they're members of parliament together and they have the same immunity in Assembly.

If we analyze that video using our excellent units of analysis of our Ancestors of Agaar and lakes state at large Honorable Akol Paul Kordit isn't guilty or even closer to be blame than uncle Kuac who is trying to defend another old man like him, defending Honorable Paul Mayom because we are from Cuei-Cok Payam or clan mate is totally wrong and must be Condemn by true Ambassadors of Cuei-Cok like me Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac plus the rest who need our Community of Cuei-Cok payam to have peaceful Coexistence with our brothers and sisters of different Payams of lakes state.

Defining Hon Paul Mayom as pompous of Cuei-Cok Payam and small God to some elder and Youth upto the extent of fighting in Juba is wrong, no need to fight in the function of which people are seeking for happiness, love, joy, harmony, encourage, unity and progress. 

Honorable Mayom Akec is a public figure and being a public figure you're subject to both Negative and positive criticism and if he don't like to be criticize by his critics than let him submit his resignation letter to the leadership of our country under our able and Visionary leader Cde Salva Kiir Mayardit and we those who elected him.

Also if you see Mayom Akec as an uncle, maternal uncle, nephew, cousin, father in-law to yourself and shameful rush to defend him in the public gathering definitely you're foolish and useless idiot of different ages, if you see Mayom Akec as our Son of Cuei-Cok and he will always have right in lakes state because he is from Cuei-Cok payam simply you're upgrading your level one of idiotic and foolish and if we are qualified to defend Mayom as our member of Cuei-Cok payam please let us take him to our Cattles camp of Athoi in our territories of Athoi people than here were south Sudanese are gather together.

Honorable Mayom Akec deserves to be Criticized both day and night because he messes up many things in our Community both Socially and politically whether he likes it or not he must be criticized until he quits public office. 

To Conclude, Whoever is criticizing Mayom Akec is Mentor of Mayom Akech for him to correct himself until he will reach to the level of Complete leader of the people not accidental leader of the people who specialized in demoralized his own people and I apologize on behalf of those who fight in the function. 


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac 

The True Ambassador of Cuei-Cok payam

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