Anna Itulung Cosmos

By: Anna Itulung Cosmos

Individual dreams are simply dreams when there is nothing done about them. They are like false hopes since they are not built in a way that will yield success. Like it is said, “A dream without any action done is like to tarnish one’s worth of living”. With that negative view on something, it automatically gives you no hope for something great hence no effort applied since there is no positive pressure and morale and it all comes to one point of giving up yet there is a way with too big opportunities ahead of us that may look like obstacles. In life there will always be fear, setbacks and failure but that does not stop us from going for our dreams.

Every morning is another day, another chance to make your dreams come true. To pave way through obstacles, every hindrance we go through only gets us stronger because while at it we try to find any possible solution no matter how hard the situation is. God is never the last to go to for help but rather the fastest and strongest of all. Since He can get you into critical condition, how can’t He get you out of it? It is just sometimes we tend to lose hope according to the current situation or maybe even the past and keep on thinking that that is how the future will be yet the future is what we don’t know yet.

Self-esteem may matter because of the opinions from other persons or parties but what matters most is not what you or others think but rather what you know be it about yourself or something. It is ok to feel low sometimes but only if hoping for good is the next step from that. Taking the first step may be a hindrance if you think you may not make it but if you take it as an opportunity to burn up your insecurities, then that is better. The first step is not always that friendly or as we expect it to be. So there are trials and temptations but if it is a dream that is worth fulfilling then it will matter to give it a try maybe not once but rather twice or more because on the other hand practice will always make perfection.

And to you my struggling South Sudanese, we live in challenging time with little hope for success simply because of the political, economic and social challenges that face our country today however, we must take courage and lift our spirits with courage and strength to search for wisdom and knowledge which we shall use in the near future to brighten our dark country. We need to dream the real dreams through working hard in order to succeed and achieve at the end of the day. For wherever there is hard work, there are fruits of success and happiness. We may be scattered in different parts of the world today but we must not forget to firmly fix our eyes on our dreams and our beloved country South Sudan.

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