Ogeryath Oger

By: Ogeryath Oger

In the history of the Republic of South Sudan, no day is superior and more significant than July 9th , simply because the impossible dream finally became true, the price paid by the martyrs, heroes and heroines yielded precious land, forceful rule and imposed suffering crippled and promised no more, the hopeless and disillusioned masses became hope themselves, the guns and arsenals rested perfectly on the ground with no intention of producing fire any more, the land became calm, silent and clear, the tears that fell was simply because of unimaginable victory and suffering of the past decades and the birds filled the sky in jubilation and ululation. For the first time in many years and centuries the masses gathered in presence of the wild sunshine with striking thirst and hunger and with cool hearts towards every creature  present on the freedom field to simply see the four colored flag substituted by the beautiful six colored flag symbolizing our sovereignty.

Looking around the freedom field, were people of different tongues and color jubilating and celebrating for the longest walk completed, longest suffering endured and the highest price paid. Others were shedding tears of joy who never for one time thought that the independence of the Southern part of Sudan was impossible and never written down by the Holy One. South Sudanese on this day appeared as a strong fire of hope and unity that if it was watered, would have instead produced a stronger flame of unimaginable strength and light that even the earth can’t accommodate.

July 9th, brought down the hills of hopelessness, mountains of suffering and pyramids of imposed harsh rule. The day was like a selective earthquake that engulfed the evil that for long murdered our people, forced millions of masses to migrate and buried the beautiful humanity. If we were to defy the science that allocates 24hours for a day we were to defy it for July 9th simply because unity, peace, love and hope existed fully in indescribable manner. Forever we wanted to celebrate for hours but the days are assigned by Nature from the time of creation.

However, with time, unimaginable challenges visited us to test the strength of our unity and love for one another, unfortunately we proved that individual interest is far more significant than our precious country and our magnificent origin and unity. That was the failed test that brought down lamentation and regret on our country for years up to this day. Today our masses are scattered with crippled hope and shaking unity because of the suffering that we willingly and intentionally imposed on ourselves for years just to satisfy our interests for our own living and satisfaction. The land is lamenting today a lamentation that was never imagined and thought of.

But my dear country people, though we are lamenting and broken today with shattered unity and hope, we can rebuild our own country once more and revive the hope, unity and peace that for years we lost. We need to take a courageous walk and stand strong that our country, if treated with love and humanity, can never remain in the depression of its current status. We must not only promise ourselves since the promises alone are not sufficient to transform our country for better, we must mean our promises and accompany them with positive actions.

For years, July 9th ceased from our country which left our hearts and minds with wounds, scars and injuries. However wherever there is life, there is hope and change. July 9th helps us to remind ourselves that though we targeted one another in evil ways, vengeance can’t and will never yield Justice, Liberty and Prosperity in our country. The day is a reminder to us that we once existed in the same boat suffering and being humiliated for simply demanding for our rights and equality.    

 Though we are shattered, broken and lamenting today, there is hope that we can still co-exist as long as we are determined to forgive ourselves and build our beautiful country together. Hope and good will should be the wheels keeping our vehicle moving forward for if we still carry vengeance forever into a graveyard South Sudan becomes.

To rebuild hope, unity and trust once again, let us grant ourselves ample time to review the July 9th 2011 independence celebration. We shall know that we have greatly underachieved and undermined our own country. We need to stretch our hands today to one another to start a strong walk towards true peace, strong unity and absolute concrete trust. Though shattered and broken, I never lament my land. For as long as we walk together towards hope and peace we shall be hopeful and peaceful. 

Happy 10th anniversary of our independence and May God bless South Sudan.

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