Itulung Anna Cosmos
By: Itulung Anna Cosmos



“A tree’s strength is based on its roots”.

A tree may need a lot of elements for its growth but with all those minus its roots, it is a dead tree. This equivalently implies a country needing good education to enhance its development. A good education background does not only influence great development but also personal empowerment and more particularly one’s confidence is a key to many doors.

It is also more obvious that apart from acquiring general knowledge from school, other skills i.e. life skills are also acquired for example teamwork, leadership, problem solving skills, and communication skills among others. The above mentioned do not only develop one’s capability of handling stuff but also assessment of life steps. These also refer to the factors facilitating development. These aspects are really relevant for a country looking forward to development both internally and externally.

Education impacts the thoughts of the people positively since it eradicates  the primitive and the ruthless irrational nature of the people in the society and instead of solving problems facing the society with backward methods like fighting and throwing of insults and blames on one another, they are able to sit peacefully for honest and promising round table negotiation. The calmness and great reasoning planted by education within people’s minds creates great transformation in the society through equipping the masses with problem solving skills as well as communication and leadership skills.

As South Sudan faces many problems today, our leaders should think beyond their imaginations and provide quality education to all the illiterate people in the country in order to bring the masses to a common understanding of respecting and valuing human nature and develop positive thoughts towards development, peace and unity. Instead of abandoning the youths in the country becoming robbers, thieves and outlaw groups, the government can introduce formal and informal education in order to keep the youths busy on developing their lives positively which in the end impacts the country positively

The farmers together with the cattle keepers should also be empowered through educating them on the modern methods of farming and cattle keeping in order to be able to expand their projects and production which may make South Sudan self-reliant in terms of food production instead of depending heavily on the neighboring countries. Through educating the farmers and the cattle keepers, they may be easily prevented from clashing with one another whenever misunderstandings arise. This is because education washes the backward nature away and instills calmness and understanding among the masses. 

There is no doubt at all that the current instability has been greatly fueled by the high rate of illiteracy in the country which has negatively affected the entire country. It is very easy to influence illiterate people negatively through misinformation since they don’t possess the ability to easily comprehend and analyze the gravity of the problems. Therefore, it is not a surprise to see many uneducated masses armed to the teeth in the name of defending the very politicians causing chaos in the country but in case they had at least a chance of being educated, the situation would be different.

Education is therefore relevant in transforming South Sudan into a stable and positively growing country because through it the masses are transformed into self-thinkers and drivers of their own destinies other than resorting to robbery, raiding, armed conflicts and all sorts of backwardness. Education is therefore the only tool to transform South Sudan into a self-reliant country driven by technocrats with wisdom, knowledge and vision. 

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