(Photo Pete Muller/Associated Press)
(Photo Pete Muller/Associated Press)

By: Ogeryath Oger

For whoever desires to steal the resources of his/her country, hide under beautiful political slogans to mislead the masses for you will have an upper hand to hoard innumerable resources and satisfy your thirst” says one of the greatest academicians.

We live in a country full of challenges which need to be addressed genuinely by experienced and open-minded people but in order to address all the challenges, the masses must entrust individuals to solve the problems faced but not individuals imposing themselves as the problem solvers. Therefore, in order to avoid disagreements, people come up with the idea of formation of parties with aims, desire and ability to respond to the eradication of the challenges and improve the living conditions of the masses who entrusted them with the responsibility.

For a long period of time, South Sudanese are still thirsty for a genuine political force or party to honestly address the challenges they face and make life meaningful and rewarding. However, many parties in the country own beautiful and motivating political slogans and well documented ideas but which slogans and documented ideas have been used to deceive the masses in the country. All the political parties talk of building schools, hospitals, dams, roads, democracy and justice all of which people thirst and yearn for but what is seen on the actual ground is irritating and disappointing. 

In a country like the Republic of South Sudan, many countless challenges need to be addressed and solved for example the country lacks adequate and well-functioning hospitals, schools, infrastructures (roads, dams) and at the same time the masses demand  for favorable political climate in order to live peacefully without fear or threats. The country is then in need of a political force or party to address these problems.

Therefore there is something that we must understand as South Sudanese and eradicate in order to achieve meaningful peace and development in our war-torn country. We need to understand and differentiate between politics and lies. Politics has never been a challenge to the world since its existence since it advocates for good governance but what has always brought countless problems to the country are the “lies” from the so called “political liars” who carry evil agenda under beautified political slogans. Hence we must understand that through eradication of lies in politics we can positively progress as a country and achieve the positive agenda that we all desire. For instance look at South Sudan which has been promised justice, liberty and prosperity for years. What do we have among the three outstanding words today?

We must then understand that not whoever carries amazing political slogans is therefore a savior. We must also remember that Satan appeared in the form of a serpent to accomplish his mission. In this way, destruction can be brought through different ways under the disguise of goodness. Deep understanding is therefore needed in order to avoid the corrupt and evil creatures from governing and misleading our country.

For if we desire to understand the political slogans and politics look at our wailing country today. The look will grant you full knowledge about the politics and political slogans. Justice, liberty and prosperity are slogans which need to be implemented politically, economically and socially.

May God bless South Sudan.  

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