Ogeryath Oger

By: Ogeryath Oger

“The peace has returned, let us go back home” says a husband to her desperate wife whose life was under God’s mercy when the indescribable deplorable mess occurred in the country during the struggle for the political seats. Looking so unhelpful and pessimistic she tells the husband to head back to the country and dwell there if the birds still find grains to fill their tiny stomachs and if the cocks still celebrate the ascension of dawns. The husband stands so surprised, stunned and wordless asking himself whether it is really promising to go back home yet the cocks and birds find it so difficult to live in harmony.

No one on earth curses his own home nor is there any who wishes destruction for his own life and country people. It is in human’s holy nature to thirst for a world where life is respected, honored and valued. The tough unimaginable days of 2013 and 2016 may be gone but the scars and the wounds they inflicted on the normal man may be not yet cured. Our leaders today preach optimism to the masses of our country and express the optimism in terms of the return of the politicians and generals home. But is there optimism in South Sudanese and what are the signs of this optimism?

To answer the question above we must fix our naked eyes on our country South Sudan and examine honestly the political, economic and social aspects of life rather than fixing our eyes on the return of the politicians and generals home and the division or occupation of the political seats by the so-called leaders of our time. 

There is still fear among the South Sudanese and mistrust today not because of the confusing game among the politicians but because of the existence of social threats to life in our various communities. The communities are still hostile to one another and the relationships haven’t yet been mended rightfully therefore there is no existence of optimism at all in addition to the hostile confusing and hope draining politics in the country coupled by the life threatening economic calamity at home.

Therefore the existence of politics designed to build a well-functioning and constitutionally formed government coupled by well-designed economic reforms to eradicate economic challenges would act as true signs of optimism in the country that would accelerate the development of hope in the normal man. In this case, in order to preach optimism, the political situation must be promising, economic situation friendly and the social life positively promising and friendly. We must focus first on performing positive projects which can support our arguments and preaching optimism to our country's people. 

May God bless South Sudan. 

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