By Sabino Edward Nyawella
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Let?s face the challenge of the real.

Let not we get just shown at the brim or the rage of the gale.
Just as, it always was,
Let?s concoct a prudent flavour for our fate.
And, of course, we know who we are,
What we opt to be,
We, here, stands for We,
Yet it is up to you - The We - to interpret it thy way,
Is the fact that those we:
Have to get down into the real bottom of the trade.
Those we:
Have to know;
How many eggs the hen has laid?
And are they ours to fry?
Or are they there for the hen to hatch?
And if neither of the aforementioned, is a fact,
Then, we have a serious rhythm to circumvent.
Needless of subjugating thee to invitation,
Is the fact that all of us:
Well-to-do or deprived;
Learned, or underprivileged;
With high intellect, or idiot; will always fade.
We?ll one day die,
And though for various causes, we remain the object of fate.
Today or tomorrow could be the nature?s choice,
But in either time, fate is unblinkingly, awaiting the dupe or the wise.

Why, then, not we cease quarrelling over the rotten beef?
Why not stop lingering over a pass we did not possess when it was there?
Are we proned to flourish in misery and pandemonium?
In times of war we chose unity and peaceful life,
In good summer days we invented stories of *?Oggaag?
During various scattered lulls, women screamed of being attacked by Mr. Oggaag or Mr *Lett.
In time of peace we opted for the opposite!
Is it something in our veins that urges us to loathe harmony?
Or were we borne to permanently dwell in squabble?
And if so,
Why then residing in the aloof and wrangling in deep waters?
Is the object is to kill the fish?
Or have we run out of feats worthy of remembrance?

Our nation is now, shrinking in size.
Did we find a cure to what hinders the youth in getting into marriages?
And even those who succeeded in setting up homes,
Are we ready to stand up to the challenge of the day?
New inventions,
New diseases,
Foreign ideas creeping into our bedrooms,
Sometimes our moral code is grossly challenged;
Families breaking up, though not on a large scale,
Children cohabiting strangers,
Visible extinction of ?Honour thy parents? is apparently becoming one of our norms,
Leave alone the absolute disappearance of respect to parents,
And, sometimes, lack of parental guide is, in fact, to blame.
Is that the peak of our development?
Is it not a time for us to pause and see what to salvage?

They said we now have peace.
A country is now being formed in Southern Sudan.
A mini system is now ours to run.
Billions of cash are said to have been pledged for us to use for our development and wellbeing,
Is it not a good time -for those of We - to shine some light in the aftermath of our misfortune?
Is it not a virtuous act to plant hope in the mind of that innocent child?
To draw him a picture that will always be synonym to him that:
Things did not change colour;
Principles are in fact primary.
That peace does not mean jumping out of the frying pan into the fire instead;
But, that peace means termination of hostility, and shifting into affinity;
Peace means development, rehabilitation and progress.
And if so,
Then we now have a much bigger fish to fry than the telltale of Mr. Oggaag or Mr. Lett.
But leave it up to the We to judge.
For our odyssey must, one day, come to an end,
That way or the other.

?* Imaginary creatures believed to suck blood out of their victims and eat their brains. They are thought to be of human figure that changed temporarily into Lett.. Oggaag is a human name given to one such figure as some people reported encountering him in various locations. In the early ?80, in Malakal, some innocent civilians were suspected and others were even arrested, as they were accused of being Mr. Oggaag but evantually were released due to the strange nature of the accusation and lack of material proove.?

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Hello Mr. Sabino,
I'll be back soon to add more comment!!!

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hay Sabino...
your point is really good and meaningful, i hope that you will continue writing for the benefit of readers to understand how things are going and thanks
Ian Mart...

Ian Martin
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