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First and foremost I would like to take this precious time to send my salutation to the people of South Sudan and citizens of lakes state particularly both in the Country and diaspora. 

Dear, Cde Makur kulang my Chairperson of SPLM in lakes state and at the same time the governor of lakes state, am here requesting your attention as SPLM Senior Political Activist both in the Country and diaspora to cross-check the spirit of confidentiality of the staffs in your office in regarding the spread of documents which are used to blackmail Deputy governor of splm io by the enemies of peace, progress, unity, services deliver to our people and many others.

Cde Kulang you're always talking about Agriculture, fertile soil as tools to defeat hunger in our state which is good, and I welcome it but why you don't talk about spread of useful document that are being practice in your office, and you're keeping quiet comrade? I am appealing to you as my comrade and leader to summon your staffs to answer these documents they sent to Facebook Activist to tarnish the image of Deputy governor.

Please comrade, if you love the leadership of our visionary and able leader comrade Salva kiir Mayardit we don't need more differences in state as he Cde Salva kiir Mayardit promised you during sworn in ceremony in J1 to work together with oppositions leaders and delivers services to our people of lakes state and South Sudan at large who are in needy of help in village, boma, Payam, county and state level.

In addition, these documents are again peace agreement, and we need to encourage a conducive environment for politics and economics to boost and boom than hire a desperate boy who have blunder ideas only and if he still continues his limited propaganda he will regret for the reason he was born as a person. 

To conclude, let us be Politically mature as Giant political party in the Republic of South Sudan so that for briefcase parties to learn from us.

By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac 

The SPLM Senior Political Activist

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