Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Poster (©www.themoviethemesong)

By Juol Nhomngek Gec, Juba South Sudan

I have borrowed the title GAME of THRONES from an American TV series that deals with major arc concerns the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, that passed through a web of political conflicts among the noble families either vying to claim the throne or fighting for independence from it.

Hence, what is going in South Sudan currently is reminisce of what is in the Game of Thrones as discussed above. It is apparentl in Warrap Community where the President comes from whixh the politicians see as their inherent right to succeed the President of South Sudan.

Rooted in the belief that the Warrap State has the right to rule South Sudan indefinitely, there are a lot of internal fighting among the citizens of Warrap who are in different positions in the Government.

The struggle for succession has made has even affected the Communities of Warrap where the President comes from. The Political Game dealing with who should succeed the President among the sons of Warrap who are in different prominent positions in the Government has become hot as we see appointment and sacking of different politicians from Warrap who are accused of plotting to block others out and to take power in unclear way.

As I have already explained the reason I selected the title of the Movie explained above, the Warrap Political Game of Thrones is at its peak as the leaders within Warrap Community have understood the leadership of South Sudan as theirs exclusively.

It is for that reason they only see the politicians from other States as mere spectators and can only be copted to support them in their Political games of thrones. The question as to who should succeed the President is only being determined by the people of Warrap and their sons though they are destroying each other manifested in communal Violence sponsored by sons of Warrap within Warrap.

In addition, the Political Games as explained above is manifested in different forms of conspiracies in which has resulted into clear division within the Political Scene of South Sudan.

The Warrap Political Game of Thrones has highly polarized the South Sudan Politics. The first signs of Political polarisation is seen in the form of infighting within the State House in which two groups are clearly formed.

The above mentioned two groups are group of Honourable Nhial Deng Nhial whiich is standing with a good number of Senior Members of the SPLM-IG Political Bureau and the group of General Akol Koor who is reported to be in constant Conflict with Nhial Deng Nhial over the seat of the Presidency of South Sudan.

Group of General Akol Koor is said to be also supported by the remannts of the National Party Congress represented by His Excellency, the Current Advisor of the President of South Sudan, Tut Kew.

We have seen recently two youth groups almost fight in the Freedom Hall as an extension of the Warrap Political Game. At that time Hon. Lewis Anei Kuendit was present in the meeting which the meeting almost resulted into the bloody confrontation. This was not because Hon. Lewis Anei Kuendit was not capable of controlling the meeting but because of the Political polarisation that is already existing.

Since the wo groups are from where the President comes from, they have leverage over other Citizens in term of Political and financial power. And citizens from other states being disadvantaged financially, it implies that those other citizens who are not from Warrap are only good to be copted in supporting the two groups in vying over the seat of Presidency.

As a result, those from other states working in the Government are highly divided by the fighting or Political Game of Thrones within the Kingdom of Warrap .

The Warrap Political Game of Thrones has also extended to the communities in Warrap, in other States and in Juba. Youth and politicians are seen to be using the rural Communities and cattle keeping youth to fight for their proxy wars or in playing their games of thrones on their behalf.

Thus, conflicts among the youth in different cattle camps in Warrap and other cattle keeping States are fuelled by Political internal fights in the Country. Consequently, it has resulted into weakening the Government that gives a room for different personalities in each of the two groups of Honourable Nhial Deng Nhial and General Akol Koor to rise to the realm of power.

The rise of the two opposing groups is only possible when the Country is made ungovernable that will push the population to rise against the Government and therefore gives the room to any group to take power.

The two groups have adopted conspiracy military tactics such as an insurgency. Conventionally, thwe insurgency is a violent, armed rebellion against authority when those taking part in the rebellion are not recognized as belligerents.

However, not all insurgencies are manifested in form of rebellions but they can appear in different forms of political and economic actions of various kinds, as well as propaganda aimed at undermining the Government capability to serve the citizens.

As seen in the Warrap Political Game of Thrones, there are different propaganda groups that have been reported to have been formed by the two groups. In the recent letter written to the Office of the. President through Hon. James Deng Wal, the Executive Director in the Office of the President written by unknown National Security Officers, it is mentioned that there is a propaganda group formed by General Akol Koor and his group who have opened different Facebook blogs for propaganda.

The above mentioned letter made a reference to another Propaganda group entitled TONJ SHORT BREAK WITHIN (TJBW):whose its formation was shared previously. The TJBW plus other clandestine groups are connected to Warrap groups fighting over the Thrones.

In South Sudan, the insurgency is seen at play in which National security personnel are cited in protecting the criminals and are not playing their duty to fight against crimes in South Sudan. For example, we have the group called Toronto and others who keep on terrorizing citizens but they are not arrested and prosecuted in Court.

In the past even now we can see the unknown gunmen killing the Government critics yet the National Security is not taking action. We have seen guns being supplied to the citizens and communities in rural areas to kill themselves.

Corruption, failure to pay salaries to all the Government employees and rampant corrupt practices in different Government departments are tactics to destroy the Government which are part of Warrap games of thrones.

The Warrap Political Game of Thrones is played on two levels. The two groups are fighting against each other internally. They are using physical security personnel and spiritual personnel against each other.

The recent audio record in which it is alleged in Dinka language that General Akol Koor hired the spiritual leader from Luacjang to fire Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial from the Ministry in the Office of the President explains the extent which the spiritual army is playing a role in the Warrap Political Game of Thrones.

It is the same Warrap Political Game of Thrones that has made it dangerous for some prominent Dinka Generals such as General Malong, General Majak Agoot and others who may have a claim over the leadership of South Sudan. These Generals are being targeted by some members within the two Warrap groups who are struggling for Presidency.

Externally, the use of tribal agenda of portraying His Excellency Dr Riek Machar Teny as against Dinka is part of Warrap Political Game in order to maintain Jieng Unity and to make sure that Jieng fight for them and later take power freely without elections.

Thus, Dr. Riek Machar who is seen as a threat due to his Political influence has been and he is being used as scapegoat and a means of uniting Dinka through invoking tribal Nationalism. This is because using tribes and fear of nothing attracted by tribal feeling is the most effective way of mobilizing Dinka tribal entities or clans to develop tribal defend mechanisms to unknown enemy.

It is in relation to the above point, the Dinka Communities in Warrap and other States are being armed as many reports from both the Government in Juba and by the UN Agencies clearly pin down he Government Officials and security personnel from Warrap to be the ones responsible for the armament of their Communities and other Dinka Communities.

We have also see the Warrap Political Game of Thrones being manifested in requiring all different employees in the Government to practice absolute loyalty. This is further extended to the SPLM-IG in which the members of the Politcal Bureau are expected to keep quiet and be loyal to the President not the SPLM-IG as a party.

The loyalty is being forced through the use of State machinery which automatically castigated as being against the SPLM-IG or the SPLM mainstream. This has turned the SPLM-IG into the Religious-politico organization which member must obey even if he or she has not understood some things in the Party.

Absolute loyalty is part of the Warrap Political Game of Thrones, in which Non-Warrapians are expected to supporters but not to take part in the Political Game of Thrones that may make the Warrap current managers automatically lose power to the outsiders of the Warrap circle.

As part the Warrap Political Game of Thrones the two groups of Warrap have formed different militia groups that have recently been reported by the UNMISS to be the ones responsible for about 78% deaths and violence across the country.

The formation of Militia groups supported with National resources has its roots in the Political Game of Thrones in trying to answer the question as to who should succeed the President of South Sudan.

In order to be effective and financially stable, the Warrap groups have controlled the Ministry of Finance and Planning, the income from petroleum, all the employment in those areas with National income are controlled by Warrap as strategy to render other South Sudanese weak so that they are not able to participate in the Warrap Political Game of Thrones.

The ultimate goal of financial disempowerment is to deny other South Sudanese economic power which is the real power, thus render some of them as perpetual beggars while others highly impoverished and ineffective.

Due to the Warrap Political Game of thrones, we have seen National Army being neglected while personal armies have been efficiently developed to the extent of becoming stronger than the National Army itself. The National Security Services which is the personal army of General Akol Koor is one of the examples of the personal army that is highly developed at the expenses of the National Army.

We also have the Tiger which is the personal army of President Kiir which is well paid and well organized. The two armies of National Security and Tiger are more Superior to the Real National army (SSPDF), which is highly ethnicized, tribnalized and disorganized.

The National army in fact is too weak to defend the Nation of South Sudan. The root of neglect of the National army is in the fear of becoming stronger the above mentioned two Private armies and may intervene in the Warrap Political Game of Thrones to set things right.

In summary, the Warrap Political Game of Thrones is the causes of the Government failure and the rise of insecurities across the country. This is because the personal Political Interest has cladded the public Interest. Unless South Sudanese wake up the Warrap Political Game of Thrones is likely to destroy even the current Revitalized Agreement.