Athian Ding Athian

Hon. Athian Ding Athian (File Image)


Your Excellency, you are a leader who fought for this country to get its independence, and you are still committed up to now to see its development and stability and that is why you signed the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan.

Your Excellency, South Sudan Anti Corruption is an organization that oversees the development of this country and its main aim is to advocate for development and accountability of public activities be it money, infrastructure and justice.

Your Excellency, SSACF is calling upon you as our beloved President to rescue your citizens from the hand of this corrupt Minister, it is only you who will help your citizens, how can he continue sleeping in the hotel to enjoy while citizens are dying without salaries and no medical assistance for those who are sick.

Hon. Athian Diing Athian Minister of Finance and Planning anti-economic growth policy banning payment of hard currency to all government’s contracted suppliers despite absolute importation of these goods and services are transacted in hard currency.

Where and which country on earth whose suppliers  import all the commodities from abroad paying foreign currency  and expect to be  paid in local currency within economic parameters of hyperinflation? 

Said Minister of Finance and planning knows nothing in economic reforms, demand and supply  and transformation he alleges to be spearheading. He proposed the most dangerous policy ever enacted to outlaw payment in hard currency to  all government's  contractors which usually  supply vehicles,  various food commodities, pharmaceutical entities and both hard and software suppliers.

I am informing the  government of South Sudan to give directives to the honourable minister of finance and planning to quicken the reversing of that particular order as soon as possible because he, as the minister of finance and planning,  has proved himself to South Sudanese that he lacks knowledge to run the ministry in a sound manner  because of that policy.

The economy of South Sudan is dependently operating on imported goods for consumption at 90%  and local production of goods and services  at 10%, local production even survive on imported raw materials which are not locally produced in the country. Good example was an issue of electricity company which proposed shutting down of electricity in Juba city lastly it was rescued by the government.

How can this minister of finance and planning  whose knowledge is said to be expired in 10 years ago if not, his own actions proven that beyond reasonable doubt.


Fundamental reasons prompted my call to rescue vital businesses from invisible hand of the minister of finance and planning are.

1. Protection of local contractors of government  from collapse due to frozen payment of their claim in the ministry of finance and planning in pretext of forcing them to accept devalued local currency.

2. Rescue chain of supply of goods and services to the country which is now stopped since appointment of Hon. Athian Diing Athian.

3. Protect vital and infant industries from collapsing due to suffocation policy imposed on business by Hon. Minister of finance and planning. 


 He is more of destruction for example, 

1- Accommodation of Former Governor of Defunct Gogrial State Victor Atem Atem Angok.

2- Soldiers didn't receive their Salaries Since His Appointment in the ministry of finance and planning.

3- Athian Diing Atheism has recently bought 6 V-8 for his friends the likes of Victor Atem Atem and his office manager Paul Ngong.

4. Athian is in office, but the office is run by Paul Ngong who is just there to convince people so that they continue looting with the boss.

5. In the office and since their reception in that office they could not approve or disapprove any documents being medical, contracts, and the like.

6. A country where the Minister used to sleep in the hotel like a visitor, Athian cannot use our money to enjoy himself in the hotel, he sleeps with any girl he likes at the expense of our civil servants who went unpaid since he assumed this ministry.

South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum request our president Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit to intervene and remove him to rescue citizens from this looter Athian Diing Athian.


This report is gathered by South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum. For more information you can reach us on email.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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