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By: Ogeryath Oger

Development and peace firmly anchored themselves in European and North American soils today because everyone was welcomed on the stage to offer their ideas and speak out boldly. However, a long time ago, the same continents were grounds for terror and bloodshed if we can refer to innumerable revolutions that sparked off in those continents especially Europe and France in particular where the Bourbon Monarchy dominated the affairs of the state and enslaved people beyond animals living in a zoo. With the suppressive system of the monarchy, the masses immensely suffered until a revolution was seen as the only solution to end the dark chapter of such deadly monarchy. For more on the suppressive nature of the Bourbon Monarchy in France, refer to the history of Europe and France.

History is so essential in our lives since it helps us to extract solutions and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past since the same mistakes shall yield the same negative results. But to make history so essential, it must be read and analysed with honesty so that we may be able to understand and benefit from the past events. History is a good friend in that it keeps the records of all past life events be it evil or good, and therefore it is a home of reference for decision-making and idea and skill extraction.

Dominance and contribution are systems that carry heavy weights in terms of their impacts on the ground. Therefore, before deciding on which to pick, we must be honest and properly weigh the magnitude of the positive and negative impacts of each system. The two systems impact our communities differently as one exploits and destroys while the other builds. No human can chose what is so destructive but where greed and lack of humanity dominates, humans become satanic and instead prefer destruction. So we must be clear and careful.

Some parts of the world like Europe, Australia and North America including some parts of Asia, South America and Africa started experiencing peace and stability for having embraced the policy of the contribution. This policy puts masses together shoulder to shoulder which yields equality and sense of consideration among the people. And with this type of policy, people of various professions gather to discuss ideas and implement the resolutions reached knowing that specific people of a certain profession alone may not handle the countless challenges faced by the country. With this system, the power of understanding is built and people’s minds are brightened blocking division and sense of selfishness from breeding. Here people are lifted out of stress and disillusionment, and they find a genuine reason for living

For the case of the conflicts that seem to be eternal and which are parasitic and worthless, their roots are deeply and strongly anchored in dominance. Dominance is like a metallic wall of which it is impossible for the light and favourable oxygen to pass through for survival. Dominance is a destructive policy which creates no open mind to enlighten the communities and make them co-exist united and peaceful thriving on political, economic and social development. Dominance thrives on greed and the evil desire of imposing suffering on other people. Therefore, this destructive policy breeds fierce resistance that creates tensions and conflicts among the masses.

For South Sudanese to co-exist peacefully, which system do we desire to hang on? We must create a way for ourselves otherwise no one will create a way for us. In order for us to survive and find goodness in life, we shouldn’t seek to dominate ourselves to find out the strongest person for if we attach ourselves to this culture of dominance, forever we shall be involved in fierce resistance which is too costly. We must tirelessly work to find peace after a long time of indescribable pain. We are the human beings of yesterday who suffered under the power of dominance, isn’t this enough? Furthermore, we must shift from dominance to contribution for it is the only path to peaceful co-existence in South Sudan. Our great musician Emmanuel Kembe puts it smartly, “Talu nabni belet together”.       

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