Alma Ettore

By Alma Ettore- A concerned citizen of South Sudan

Many people were surprised by an article or rather, an open letter authored by the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) on the 26th of January 2021, addressing the South Sudanese masses in particular and the International community in general. 

The JCE is believed by many to operate in dark recesses of the underworld, shrouded in secrecy and evil plotting, using human shields as cover. What surprised people most is the fact that the JCE seem to want to distance themselves from the woes and disintegration of the country and put the blame on everything and anybody but themselves. President Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Machar seem to be their focus of disappointment, and why not?

The JCE not only blamed the duo for the horrendous and seemingly irreversible sorry situation in which South Sudan seems to have succumbed to, in addition, and in no uncertain terms it unceremoniously told President Salva Kiir and his Vice President Dr Machar to step down!!! This totally goes against the script. 

People have been wondering as to why the JCE is turning against Salva Kiir when it is widely believed that the JCE is behind all the decisions taken by President Salva Kiir. 

Is it possible that the senile, heartless, demonic, revenge- driven men are now having second thoughts about their role in the demise of the country? No, and a million times no!!! Instead, they are now emboldened by their progress at bringing South Sudan to the brink of collapse, as this was their goal from the start. 

The JCE planned the thousands of carnage, massacres, and genocide against certain tribes who they see as a ‘threat’ to their wicked Jieng ideology. They deliberately created chaos and a reign of terror in the country so that no one will have the guts to defy them. Indeed, this failed state of the country is the JCE creation and main drive. They know that if the country is thriving and strong, they will not be able to carry out their sadistic and wicked plan of subjugating and enslaving every single tribe, including other Dinka clans. 

They resorted to starving, humiliating, and using people as they would use animals to turn them against each other so that they hate and work against each other. This is to weaken them and prevent them from gelling and uniting as one nation. This is their master plan.

The JCE are highly educated lawyers, politicians, civil servants etc who use every sadistic and oppressive methods used by the Nazis, the Russians, Cubans, Israelis etc. to dehumanize, entrap and enslave the South Sudanese masses. In fact, they have secretly sent their agents to many of these countries to study and learn how to subdue and murder innocent civilians in cold blood.

It is worth noting that the JCE are keeping their families safe and secure, living the best of lives in palaces and mansions, and owning big businesses round the world while they are using poor young Dinka men to fight and die for their dirty and nasty ideology. 

The Dinka young men who are the future generation of the country are uneducated, and only  know how to murder, steal, rape and grab peoples’ lands and properties. The majority have no upbringing, respect, or education. Some, such as the ‘lost boys’ are mainly orphans who are used as child soldiers. They are indeed lost. What is the use of living in a land of pure Dinka who are nothing but murderers, rapists, and outlaws? In many countries round the world the Dinka youth have a bad reputation which the government seems to do nothing about. 


The Jieng need to revise the future of their young people and come up with a rescue plan. I am not the best person to advise them. 


The JCE have at long last defeated ALL their enemies. They can now operate boldly, in plain sight of all and with all the pomp and arrogance of the victors, occupiers and slave masters.

They have used the policy of ‘divide and rule in every community, including theirs. They must do this so that the South Sudanese will never come together to defy them. They have used coercion, threats, and fear factor to drive a constant wedge between the Dinka and the rest of the population. 

They have been lying to the simple-minded Dinka people in the villages saying that other tribes will come after them and kill them if they do not kill their enemies first. THIS IS A BIG LIE. They resorted to calling non- Dinka ‘enemies. Currently the Dinka are completely isolated and insulated from others by these webs of the JCE’s lies. The Dinka will have to think that before the JCE came into being, all the 64 tribes were one and that is how they managed to break from the Arabs. If it was not because of the joint efforts of the other tribes who form a majority of 65% of the population, South Sudan would still have been under the Arabs. The Dinka alone form 35% of the population based on the last proper census of Sudan made in 2010. We were never enemies and will never be. 

By writing their authoritative open letter, the JCE are now relaunching themselves as the true ‘leader’ of South Sudan. The JCE is now shouting from the roof tops that they are the ‘President of South Sudan’. Salva Kiir can only watch and drink his beloved Blue Label and Uganda Waragi to drown his sorrows and fears!

The first bold step for the JCE is to come out of the shadows of President Salva Kiir and declare themselves, which they have done.   At the same time, they are trying to put their organisation through the washing machine to wash it clean from the blood stains of innocent people.  They want to present themselves to the world as the pristine, elderly, benign and kind-hearted Dinka leaders who are acting responsibly by advising President Salva Kiir and Dr Riek Machar to do good but indicating that the two men are wayward and destructive and bad for the country. 

They do not need President Salva Kiir anymore. He is just a doormat to wipe their shoes on!

Everyone living in South Sudan or who has any remote connections with that country knows that the JCE is behind every single murder, looting, rape, land grabbing, corruption and treachery that has befallen that unfortunate country. If anyone has any doubt, let them ponder on the open letters which the council is recently writing to the South Sudanese public.  These letters are most importantly written for the benefit of the International Community (IC) and should be viewed as hard evidence that the JCE is anything but a benign organisation, catering for the needs of the Dinka communities. The letters bear the powerful language of an organisation with massive political power. In fact, that letter is an indication that the JCE is wielding a political power far higher than that of President Kiir himself. 

I waited for President Salva Kiir to speak out in response to the open letter by the JCE. So far, he has not, and I am 100% sure that he dares not say a word. 

His silence is an indication that he is totally and utterly at the mercy of the JCE. President Salva Kiir is now toothless and powerless in the hands of the evil organisation. He has been totally isolated from the other Dinka and he has been made to be an enemy of the non-Dinka. The JCE got him exactly where they want him. He can go now. They have another guy to replace him. One that will be another stooge of theirs but will be far more decisive and who will finish smartly  the last part of the JCE roadmap! One that will be ’cleaner’ and more ‘Presidential ‘than Salva Kiir. 

The same goes for his first Vice President Dr Machar who is completely isolated, and under the guard of soldiers who are loyal to the devious Salva Kiir or should I say the JCE? Dr Machar is in fact in a prison within a prison!

The stunning revelation from all this is that President Salva Kiir is a victim of the JCE as much as everybody else. He is exactly in the same situation as Dr Riek Machar; both are hostages of the JCE. They are both under total control and behest of the JCE.

The JCE have a solid reason for this take over: Kiir and Machar have proved to be failures who have led the country into a civil war in 2013 and 2016 and are going to cause another civil war unless they (JCE), step in. For the first time the JCE are (hypocritically) saying that they are on the side of the South Sudanese people while all the time the suffering of the South Sudanese people has been carefully and heartlessly driven by the evil senile group. The question is who was behind the December 2013 and 2016 civil war and who has been goading and pushing everyone in the country into yet a third war?

The burning question is how did these vile, kleptocrats come to be in such a position of power in the country?

I will go back to how the JCE was born. 

I am sure everyone remembers how Dr John Garang died that fatal day on 30/07/2005. Cause of death looked like an innocent plane crush. It was anything but ‘innocent’. Careful planning and execution went into this fabricated ‘accident’. The question is who was behind the plot? You yourself will answer this question with a little bit more thinking, simply by studying the behaviour of people. I am not a detective from Scotland Yard, but I can put two and two together and make four; not five or six. Study the behaviour of Museveni, the behaviour of Salva Kiir and that of the JCE and you will get the calculations right. 

There were several individuals who wanted Dr Garang dead for several reasons. Their plot succeeded. Some Dinka ‘elders’ started moving quickly behind the scenes as soon as Dr Garang’s plane disappeared from the radar. These elements knew that Dr Garang was dead even BEFORE the plane took off on that fateful day in Uganda and they had their man ready to jump into the vacuum. While the South Sudanese were mourning and lamenting the death of Dr Garang, the busy bees were already several steps ahead. 

Salva Kiir jumped quickly into the saddle as planned before anyone could blink their eyes. A new replacement for the dead leader materialised out of nowhere, without any consultations, deliberations or after thoughts. How can this not be a pre-planned move unless these ‘elders’ had a crystal ball? The South Sudanese people had no clue who Salva Kiir was, and they were in total shock and confusion by the sudden death of their leader to react.

The JCE used the aftermath of the confusion of Garang’s death to push on the beleaguered nation, one of the most unsuitable and incompetent candidates of all times. By doing so the Dinka elders are now able to govern South Sudan by proxy and without detection. Salva Kiir is their cardboard cover. 

Salva Kiir is a person with very limited education and experience in civil service. He is an alcoholic among other weaknesses. For the people of South Sudan, ‘choosing’ such a person to be their leader is a catastrophe, but he was NOT their choice. On the other hand, for the sly Dinka elders, it was their wish to use such a weak shaky person as it has put them (elders) in the Presidential driving seat. 

The Dinka elders became the ‘President’ overnight. They quickly chose other like-minded individuals and called themselves ‘The Jieng Council of Elders’ or JCE. From day one they started to govern the country and President Salva Kiir executed ALL their wishes. After all that was their agreement. 

People ask themselves who are the members of the JCE? They are seasoned Dinka political figures such as Bona Malwal, Abel Alier, Riing Tiik, Aldo Ajo etc, numbering about 23+ people. They operate in the darkness because they know that none of them would have been accepted by the people of South Sudan to replace late Dr Garang. Therefore, by doing away with Dr Garang, they saw themselves as the rightful people to govern the country and implement their evil-crafted ideology of Jieng hegemony and total Dinkanisation of South Sudan. It is a mere greed of power. 

In fact, the JCE did a coup to the late Dr John Garang as a way to carry out their deadly plan on the unsuspecting South Sudanese. 

Unfortunately for the Jieng people they might have or have not realised that the Dinka hegemony has benefited only a few Dinka elites and their families and friends. It is no wonder that now the average Dinka man and woman find themselves extremely poor and their children uneducated and forcibly ‘used’ by the evil regime. Dinka are now hated by other tribes in South Sudan because of the role of the JCE. 

The JCE started to kill the Dinka who go contrary to their plans right after the Independence of South Sudan such as the late Isaiah Diing Abraham who was a true war hero and a pastor. He was also well educated and wrote political commentaries which reflected the true events that was happening in South Sudan. He was gunned down by unknown gunmen in 2012 by the orders of the JCE. Till today no one was brought to justice.  Another example is a young man called Kerebino Wol Agok who was hunted down by the JCE men, the National Security (NS) organ and killed after enduring terrible torture in the Blue House (Headquarters of the NS), because he led a rebellion against Salva Kiir. The Dinka were told that if anyone of them was to rebel he will be dealt with likewise.

The JCE is now commissioning murderers and killers from other tribes to do their dirty job such as arming the Murle to kill and displace the Dinka Bor and vice versa and arming clans against other clans within their Dinka community to kill each other as well as recently doing it in Equatoria and previously in Western Bahr El Ghazal, among the Fertit. 

It is unbelievable the length and breadth of depravity and utter malice these wicked old men have stooped to. Now even these same JCE, including Salva Kiir are unable to live in their own land in safety because of fear of reprisals by other Dinka people who they have alienated.  No wonder they are flocking into Equatoria, the land of peace and security but their bad behaviour have put them at odds with the Equatorians and they are depending on armed guards’ day and night to keep them safe. Till when are they going to hide behind other people?

Since President Salva Kiir came into office, the JCE started to manipulate and direct him in all state affairs. The main perceived ‘threat’ to the JCE is Dr Riek Machar the Vice President. The reason why Dr Machar was consistently brought as the Vice President is to pacify the Nuer people who were the main fighting force in the SPLA. This fact caused fear and alarm to the evil plotters: The JCE started to think of a plan to figure out how to get rid of Dr Machar. 

At that time Paul Malong was the chief- of- staff. Two militia named Mathiang Anyoor , meaning ‘Brown caterpillar’ in the Dinka dialect and Dut Kubeny meaning ‘ protect the President’ were formed by Paul Malong, , courtesy of the JCE using state resources.  The directives by the JCE to form militia was to counter the Nuer and mainly to deal with Dr Machar and anyone who stands in the way of the Dinka ideology “born to rule’. 

The militia consisted purely of Dinka young men brought from their villages. Their headquarters is in Luri, a camp situated a few miles from Juba. The militia were ready for action against Dr Machar in 2013. 

President Kiir started coming out with a ruse that Dr Machar wanted to make a coup against the government. This infuriated the Dinka population who view the Presidency as their God-given rights. The JCE whipped up hatred and mass hysteria among the Dinka which culminated in the incidence that took place on 15 December 2013 in which the Nuer civilians were targeted in Juba and massacred in their homes., door to door. Is this a government reaction to counter a coup within its ranks? 

To the JCE’s horror, Dr Machar managed to escape unscathed and launched a counterattack on the Dinka. This made the JCE to revert to plan B. They turned on anyone and everyone including the Dinka themselves; whoever they perceived as a ‘friend’ or ‘rebel’ of Dr Machar. As a result, total chaos ensued leading to complete breakdown of law and order, rampant looting, wide ranging corruption of government institutions and total anarchy.  This saw the emergence of the ‘unknown gunmen’ who seem to be the very men in uniform who are supposed to keep law and order. T

These ‘unknown gunmen’ are known by President Salva Kiir and the JCE. These men who are mainly from either Mathiang Anyoor or the remnant SPLA became a thorn in the civilian’s sides. It is worth mentioning that after the December 2013 the composition of the SPLA changed. The majority became Dinka instead of Nuer as most of the Nuer fled or rebelled and joined Dr Machar in the bush. The Dinka men who joined the army were mostly brought from the President’s and Paul Malong’s villages. Salva Kiir gave them total power to go loot and kill non-Dinka civilians, including foreigners, at will, including raping and kidnapping of children and women.  

Women and girls were raped in broad daylight. Men and boys were also systematically raped to humiliate and break them. Mentally.  Many people disappeared, presumed dead and armed abductions occurred. 

Salva Kiir was advised by the JCE to turn a blind eye on all the doings of the Dinka militia. The rug tag remnants of the SPLA and the South Sudan National Security organ was also used to terrorise civilians. Every perceived ‘enemy ‘of the state is taken to the Blue House to be interrogated. Some are kept there for years without conviction. There, untold stories of torture, rape and killings are carried out by vicious and merciless security personnel.  

Men and women are systematically raped and brutalised to get confessions from them. The National Security is one of the ‘executioners’ in the toolbox of the JCE. They are given total freedom to operate at will and impunity.

The JCE then started to harass the Equatorian communities by pitting one community against the other. They use bribery in the form of money exchanging hands, positions or mere coercion using their bad boys the Mathiang Anyoor. This is happening all over the country. Equatorian villages are looted and torched. Communities displaced internally and in the neighbouring countries and women and children abducted, killed or raped in front of their families. 

At the same time the JCE are using state resources and offices to loot the natural resources of South Sudan with their international friends and to make sure the Petro -dollars goes straight to Salva Kiir’s pocket to fund his militia and bribe individuals and foreign governments to do their bid and prevent the opposition movements and parties in South South Sudan from operating in their shores.  Currently there is hardly any opposition groups to worry the JCE except the National salvation Front (NAS) led by General Thomas Cirillo as it is a militarised movement. The JCE are trying their best to crush NAS by using their trickery but so far NAS is holding its ground. 

The JCE lied to their Dinka population by casting the Equatorians and others as ‘Congolese, Ugandans, Central Africans etc and fanned this lie as a means to convince other Dinka that they have the right to occupy Equatoria, Western Bahr El Ghazal, Chollo lands etc by force. Most Dinka are now believing this lie and are happy for their brethren in the army to drive away all the non-Dinka from the land so that they will occupy it. 

The JCE tried to assassinate Dr Riek Machar again in 2016 and again he cheated death and came back to haunt them. This time though, Dr Machar ‘s weak habits have incapacitated him. Dr Machar’s amazing selfishness has made him fall on his own sword. The JCE were gifted by Dr Machar’s short – sightedness and foolishness. In fact, they skilfully cornered him and put him in a golden cage. 

Dr Machar now has less friends than you can count fingers on half a hand. He is totally isolated and under the thumb of the JCE. He cannot even go to his toilet without Salva Kiir ‘s knowledge. 

He is surrounded by Salva Kiir’s men and if he cries for help, there will be no one to help him!!!!!

The JCE can now step out and rule everyone in broad daylight as they want, and they know that the IC is unable to do anything to them because according to the reasoning and arguments they brought forwards “they are innocent” of what is going on in the failed state. 

They have been wearing gloves and masks and operated in total darkness: No one has any proof against them. I will give it to them; they are clever old men, but they should know that there is nothing called a ‘perfect crime’. Every murderer will always leave a trail behind. In this case the victims are more than 8 million and the murder weapons are numerous. Now THAT is not very clever. 

One day soon, there will be a day of reckoning. 

That day of reckoning can only be brought about by the South Sudanese population. This population does not understand the power it holds. Every community, Dinka included are fed up with the JCE and their misrule and wickedness. If one community only rises, all will follow and in a matter of days, if not hours the country will be able to rid itself of the worst criminals ever to walk this planet. 

No force from outside will be able to help us but ourselves. So many of our youths from all the 64 tribes have been heartlessly butchered by the JCE. The JCE are old men who will soon die. The question is what are we going to do with this awful legacy they will leave behind if we let them finish off the country? We will have ourselves to blame and our country will never heal. 

Members of the JCE are selfish and embittered old men who came to power by the most cunning and sly fashion. They destroyed the SPLA/M because it is the brainchild of their enemy Dr John Garang. This gives people an idea of how pathetic and vindictive this nasty group is.   They know that they will never win in any true elections, so they decided to come through the backdoor by following a murderous path starting with the killing of Dr John Garang. 


The South Sudanese people need to know this fact. 


We the South Sudanese people are resilient and strong people. We are God- fearing people therefore we cannot allow a group of satanic worshipers to ruin our country and our lives. We must act before it is too late.


CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE is a good start!!!


Long Live South Sudan and its heroes! 

Down with the JCE, the machine of doom, the axis of evil. 

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