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By: Ogeryath Oger

Before the first man existed as a human being, it was from the dust that he emerged likewise the amazing towers that we look at today were once mere plots of land. To transform the plots into beautiful skyscrapers and towers, ideas had to be employed to make the imaginary plans fall in place, and it is a work of courageous engineers and workers. Hadn’t they existed, no brick would have accepted imposition of more weights on itself? I started with this simple fact to remind us that man has to apply his ideas and energy practically on the ground to move life to the next level and without the practical work on the ground life is equivalent to deception.

The giant, plot and construction are the words I have chosen to enhance my ideas since they enable me to extract the fact in the life that we are to explore daily. Giant is peace, plot is our country and construction is development. Therefore, in the other way “when peace is not in the country, no development can take place” that is the heading in an open way. The former secretary general of the United Nations Kofi Annan said “ without peace there is no development and without development no peace”. The S.G didn’t merely mention this statement to impress the audience, but his statement was deeply extracted from his own experience as he was handling world affairs. Therefore, to attain peace, development is an assurance and the next item on the way.

According to science, mental peace is so essential in the development of a person mentally or physically. Therefore, however much food and drinks we consume without mental peace that would be equivalent to zero development since mental peace is missing. The same is seen in our world in that many countries are blessed with countless natural resources on which such countries float on, but the resources haven’t transformed such countries since the giant (peace) is missing.

Economically peace is a necessity which we can’t live without, socially it is a religion which binds us together, and politically it is a leader which guides us. Therefore, without it political, economic and social sectors are mere rocks with insignificant impact.

It is true that we desire to attain peace and development in our country. But why aren’t we achieving them yet for so long we have been seeking for them? There must be a fault somewhere in our conduct and perception. So there is something that we need to eradicate and at the same time, there is something that we need to incorporate.

Honesty and humanity need to be incorporated into our lives for us to be able to attain the peace that we desire. Being genuine with one another is the only step to unlocking the door of progress and eradicating obstacles on the way and with that there is no doubt because development will simply set in. Therefore, there are conditions that must be responded to in order to have the job done. Therefore, without honesty and humanity there will be no peace and without peace no development and this situation makes our lives worthless and meaningless. Without employing honesty and humanity in the process of seeking for genuine peace, the process becomes an illusion which keeps dragging us around the dark corners of the world.

Selfishness and greed are some of the hard rocks that keep adding weights on us which makes the movement impossible. Selfishness carries a poison that can take away our sight while greed blocks the path to equal movement. Therefore, without eradicating selfishness and greed, our sight will always be blinded and movement will be stagnant.

For humanity and honesty must be incorporated in the process of seeking for peace while selfishness and greed must be rejected. Work for peace to bring development, make the people feel human beings and let the world become a home of joy. “Peace is the greatest weapon for development that any person can have”.

May God bless South Sudan and Africa.  

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