Open Letter to the president of the republic

We, the above mentioned family, greet you your Excellency and appreciate your Leadership in the country; particularly, the family congratulate you on reaching and signing the revitalized peace with opposition forces of South Sudan, and on bringing and realizing peace in the neighboring Sudan.

Your Excellency, by writing this open letter, the family of Late Hon. Elias Mathuch Mayuot Machuar would like to remind and inform you that he (the Late. Hon. Elias Mathuch) was an elected MP representating Constituency no: 3 (Jur River County) in Western Bahr El Gazel State. The Late passed on on October 6, 2016 in Juba and the position remained vacant after his death.

However, we were told by SPLM Acting General Secretary Hon. Jemma Nunu Kumba to nominate one of the family into his (Elias) position which was done but got blocked with some individual (by then governor and currently deputy) interest in the State level aiming to bring someone far from the family who can't support the orphans of the Late.

Your Excellency, the Late Hon. Elias Mathuch Mayuot joined SPLA/M in earlier 1985 and participated in armed struggle that brought  freedom and Independence of the nation. The Late was later wounded in the fighting during the time that William Nyuon Bany broke out of the movement in 1992 which left him disabled person. He was in charge of Artilleries unit in your command when he was wounded.

Your Excellency, the family condemns the political nomination done by the SPLM state chair to nominate the different politician on faked family letter. We therefore, acknowledge your leadership to let the self claimed nominee avail the original documents of Elias if he claims.

Particularly, we would like to pass to your knowledge the blocked nominee by the chiefs and family of the Elias Mathuch in the  Constituency no:3 who can uphold the family of the Late and represents the voice of the Chief of the community. The right person  nominated is Barnaba Wal Diing Machuar. A 3rd year student in the University of Juba, Department of Sociology with background of SPLM Youths in state level. We believe that if he is appointed, Wal will certify the requirements and take care of Elias family as well. The referencing documents of Late are attached herewith.

Document1 Elias Mathuch Mayuot Machuar

Document2 Elias Mathuch Mayuot Machuar

To conlude, the family of Elias has been undergoing massive poverty upon the death of their father. The salaries were released for the first 6 (six) months and got stopped. The family didn't benefit from any MPs benefits (40,000USD plus 30,000USD) that were released while they are beneficiaries supposed. We request your urgent intervention Mr. President to appoint the rightful nominee Barnaba Wal Diing Machuar in the position of his cousin Elias Mathuch Mayuot Machuar.

The family remain in calm for your urgent intervention.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this open letter.

May you live longer Mr. President.

The family

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