By: Ogeryath Oger
By: Ogeryath Oger

” In our togetherness as a team, castles are built, dreams are fulfilled, crises are eradicated and impossibilities are faced with courage and made possible”. 

According to history, numerous decades ago, South Sudanese had to either embrace togetherness to have the dream of building a sovereign and free nation or get drawn into oceans of anguish forever if togetherness wasn’t recognized. Luckily, history narrates that we were left with no treasurable option other than coming together with courage, strength and love to build a state which will bring all of us together as societies of one mother whose great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers together with our grandfathers and grandmothers including some of our fathers and mothers haven’t felt the goodness of humanity and never experienced God given freedom and light in their own plot.

Through togetherness put up by South Sudanese, the movements which our people started for the struggle of freedom and justice produced immense and flavoursome fruits which we entirely experienced in the year 2005 through the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which was the base of an independent South Sudan as a country today. In case our great leaders never consoled themselves to unite and forget their differences and complications, their long struggle for freedom and justice would have been unproductive and history would have put it down as a disastrous and wasteful struggle.

But which natural force does “togetherness” carry in that it can bring triumphs, make fire vanish, eradicate conflict and dismantle all the unscrupulous forces of corruption and violence. Throughout the history of mankind, togetherness protected lives and built stable and solid states which states exist today as gigantic forces in political, economic and social segments. Which wisdom and strength are found in togetherness? I am puzzled and can’t even narrate and trace the origin of this magical force. For the countries that rejected this magical force in the past, have suffered terribly beyond suffering itself in that suffering became the only existing force in such countries. Therefore, this magical force holds the future of humankind. 

In the past not far away from our memories, here on this continent, Rwanda severely suffered for having rejected togetherness which suffering was characterized by indescribable inhuman conducts. Also, for a long time in the Republic of South Africa, masses suffered like never before just for having not incorporated togetherness in life. But with the passing of time, the Rwandese realized that there was only unique force which could end the noxious genocide and the force was togetherness which they embraced wholeheartedly bringing back the lost spirit of humanity, binding the people together and ending the poisonous and misdirecting ideas. The same magical force is what saved South Africa from severe problems. Many countries in this world offer us clear illustrations to learn the consequences of ignoring “togetherness”. 

Here in our country, it was the same fault which deteriorated our progress and drove us far away from our dreams and made the dreams far from being fetched. Do we desire to dwell for decades in torment and discomfort? Which medicine can we take to experience heaven on earth? Doctors always say Panadol takes headache away and in reality is does. If we choose the right medicine to swallow I also think in reality we can close the room of agony and grief with an iron metallic gate. 

History teaches us a lot that those who swim in oceans of togetherness, swim in peace and prosperity while whoever thinks of division manufactures a million problems per hour. There is a need for us to embrace togetherness in order to feel how beautiful the world is. Togetherness is the only option we can employ to end violence and replace it with peace and progress.

My teacher says” to succeed, work together”. The same thing is said by Englishmen,” one head is better than one”. Which idea tells us that where we are together as a group, tough battles are fought and won, problems are encountered and solved and impossibilities are eradicated from the face of the earth. Through togetherness this country will never remain the same. We shall rise to greater heights, win more battles, eradicate violence and corruption, and build a stunning and amazing future. Imagine the goodness in togetherness.

The choice that we must make should be the one that fills us with everlasting joyfulness and convert our country into a home where diversities are looked at as blessings from which we extract ideas not hatred and division.” Let us strive to forge togetherness out of our differences”.

May God bless South Sudan and Africa.         

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