By: Ogeryath Oger

The skirmishes have torn me down, broken me into pieces, grabbed my hope and left me a pessimistic

The detachment has depressed me, drove me into an unknown world where sharing and togetherness seems to have turned into taboo

Downpours and vengeance have sent me deep into the forests for well-being, together with the birds and animals I live.

Though skirmishes, detachment, downpours and vengeance have taken away my humankind, I still sense the victory of a cohesive South Sudan.

My own neighbours seem to be like strangers nowadays, my brothers call me brother no more, there is no family I belong to as if I am from Mars.

On the roads I feel deep feelings of loneliness, my environment is as silent as a graveyard.

The smiles and laughter are no more, happiness has turned into a commodity that must be bought.

Though my own neighbours have abandoned me, my world though it has been filled with loneliness, though the smiles and laughter are no more, I still sense the victory of a cohesive South Sudan.

Towards the victory and progress were our eyes set for the biggest change, but the nature says to achieve progress and victory we must be united.

To the confrontation against detachment and venomous ideas are my eyes set, through the swamps of the darkness we shall walk through.

But, but within the swamps there are hippos and crocodiles that stand ready to intimidate my life.

Though the hippos and crocodiles are well-prepared to feed on me, I will continue to swim through the swamps because I still sense the victory of a cohesive South Sudan.

My custodians have abandoned me, my dreams are not yet real dreams, the light is not clear and the sun seems to be setting through the day resembling the moon.

The trees on which I am meant to feed on have dehydrated, the swamps are arid and the cows and the goats carry no milk any more

Though my custodians have abandoned me, though the dreams are not real dreams yet, though the trees and the goats have left me with vacant hands, I still sense the victory of a cohesive South Sudan.

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