By: Ogeryath Oger
By: Ogeryath Oger

 “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”.  

Our minds and hearts thirst for solutions that can eradicate the deadly parasites of our days and rebuild confidence in ourselves that we are really humans and that the world exists in us which world is part of us. For years the country seeks for well thought solutions that may forever change the direction of tomorrow and make yesterday as if it has always existed beautifully. However, there are serious must sit down hours which we must take on in order to be able to fully understand and realize the secret place of the solution offering book. Our problems are well expressed and interpreted through the daily singing of our own  nationalistic people whose songs provide sacred solutions to our challenges today. 

We face numerous problems in our country but at the same time we must count ourselves fortunate to be living within a land full of innumerable problem solvers. The music that we listen to is therapeutic to our broken hearts and souls. The music must be listened to and understood because there is always a special message delivered which can propel this land into the right direction. Music has been the glue throughout the centuries that keep the people aware that amidst the most devastating challenges, we can still exist peacefully and united with our ears directed towards the voice that calls on us to take up non-discriminative steps to move on.

It is toxic to ignore the solution offering music since it expresses the real life situation in our country and the state in which people are living. To the grave we shall be leading our land in case we misinterpret the music and simply think that it is made for concerts and nightclubs.  We need to change our minds and try to listen to the singing heroes and heroines because they are the sounding voice to our country.

This land has been provided with musicians whom we must open our ears to. Emmanuel Kembe encourages us to take on agriculture and avoid importing all that we need from the neighbouring countries therefore he encourages us to be self-reliant and sufficient. Isaka No.1 assures us that if we love ourselves peace can reign and bind us together. He also encourages leaders to change from the politics of revenge to the politics that can lift South Sudan. Viviana Nyachan sings that we have reached the Promised Land where we shall drink milk and honey, and therefore we must surely enjoy our fruits. She also lifts her hands to God to provide us with peace making it clear that all humans are equal. Gordon Koang encourages us to try hard to build peace and God will help us. He clearly points out that for long we have been suffering. Garang Atem calls us to be equal as a match box and that there is no tribe better than the other tribe. Crazy Fox simply makes it clear that there is no place better than home and that no matter the circumstances we must not abandon our country.  Johnson Jok sings about the riches in South Sudan clearly pointing out that we are rich. Thomas Aban sings about peace which we must hold on tightly. For many are still singing whom we must listen to.

The musical book is in our hands and the only task remaining is reading the book and forever living with it. For if we desire for any genuine change, it is the book that we can always refer to for solutions and victories.” For where words fail, music speaks”.

May God bless South Sudan and Africa.    

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