By Zechariah Makuach Maror
By Zechariah Makuach Maror

South Sudan: a country born with authoritarianism, corruption, and civil conflicts, with sequelae of widespread anxiety and failures of human development. Authoritarians who gain the resources right spent the revenues on violence, ethnic division and foreign clientelism. Militias who forge the cause of the people get the human capital they need to start or escalate a war that would ostensibly souvenir a chain of dishonest government. Corruption effectiveness incentivized coercive actors to exercise unaccountable control over resources and to neutralize any public resistance to an already rotten system. Under this chain of effectiveness, innocent people become the victims of those who use their country’s wealth against them. 

The legitimacy of the government rest upon halves implemented Revitalized Agreement on Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS). A pact signed in Khartoum on September 2018 between two custodian’s principals who inherited the natural supremacy to decide when a country shall go for War and at what effect shall people be in peace. Though R-ARCSS remains a Supreme document that owes respect from its signatories, it was immediately violated before the inks dried in the paper------when main principals refused to greet each other at the watch of modern cameras; and it's still passing through a series of a serious violation. Despite all these the agreement survived the current stage because of its well-defined incentives for two principals, though it has also defined the incentives of the public which later viewed as twisting of pen's tongue in the paper. The minimal positive part of it is, it has stopped using People as firewood of conflict for this little moment.

In the last 15 years of South Sudan under Kiir-Riek era, it seems like the whole government foreign policies were profoundly centralized on knowing the retailing price of oil and procuring of guns and bullets. On domestic policies, civil society organizations and individual activists which should have been seen only as an advocate for formal Democratic institution are evil-looked by the proponents of ethnographic-government as midpoint self-preferred to rewrite Status quo. Other crucial roles that would have helped in out-writes societies bad cultures in support of democracy have been overlooked and utterly vulgarized. 

A Country where laws are weaponized for combating truth-tellers, journalists, activists, and any other ones who feel like speaking to the power. The chief Justice preside over the injustice and recruited inexperience sibling from nowhere nearer to chains of Justice required standard for job to the senior judicial position in order to protect their chains of coordinated corruption patronage. Judges are living in destitute and discomfort due to lack of inducements; some even went footing to their offices yet kraal chief justice has domesticated officials' mobilities, taming company of vehicles in his house like herd of cattle in cattle camp. When judges express their reservation over the act, they would face sucking from the president who is restricted from the reach of truth.  This serious malpractice didn't only maim the appetite of judges in practising fair Justice, but give rise to more selectivity in preceding trials, making defamation cases preferable due to its sentiment of being driven by corrupt riches which always donate lump-sum during None Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at eleventh hours' meetings. 

This act didn't partially affect Legal systems in the country but affected supplementary organized institutions as well as civil population, it made Juba Central Prison full of trial waiting inmates. Most inmates whose their trials nevertheless pending are poor who got no fortune to pay a middleman to persuade the presiding judge to favour him/her. It means that both plaintiff and defendant should both have lawyers to practice crocodile tears in the courtroom and inner-men who can meet the presiding judge at late eleven hours with an envelope to accelerate the proceeding thus, ruled it in favour of a huge envelope.

Rural communities are neglected in their squalor environment, talking about them concerning lack of goods and services can be heard as an old story, they only story you could hear is death every day, asking about the cause of death is an insult. The only goods and service a national government is capable of delivering is gun and bullet for killing themselves, even malaria sometimes pity them let alone merciful Covid-19, the rural communities' novel Priest of all times, their detrimental syndrome is their government. 

Security in rural areas rest upon the 'Darwinian survival of fittest' the more your rural communities got a good number of Army generals, the insurance would be supplied with weapons to attack and loot resources of a weaker neighbourhood. The regular forces which are Constitutional tasked to provide security are not due incentivized thus, withheld from the decent path to an indecent orientation whereas they act as corrupt elites front door and protectors of a tribal chain of patronage. Counting money is something a soldier experience if he/she cut down timber or burnt charcoals for sales, his/her net salary are in the belly of so-called bigman, and when you advocate for their rights they would be used to shoot you, calling you Nyigat (rebel). 

The government contracted multinational companies to extracted oil in the Rural neighbourhood, polluted the environment for all habitats and sales that oil without throw back inform of hospital, food, sanitation, clean water to replace sloppy water, and housing let alone relocation of exploitation affected population. The oil money may be used for whoring in foreign cities, they may be used for bribing foreign governments to kidnap the wanted critics who plea the country for refuge and apprehend them to the Barbarian government in Juba. 

The oil money mainstream work is for swapping arms for killing innocent people and when the system tired of killing, it may supply innocent rural communities with weapons and ammunition to coordinate the desired killing. When their appetite for killing got satisfied, the bloody leaders may sign fraudulent agreement in the name of peace claiming to have end devastated conflict. Instead of using oil money to build the fractured social cohesion, they may use it for lobbying foreign novel awarded organizations whose their integrity are in question to award the bloody leaders with the Nobel Peace Prize to act as shield of avoiding sanctions as well as a ploy of drawing world attention that they are doing charitably to their people. 

Human Rights abuses are rampant from National Security Services who had bypassed its obligation of securing the safety of everyone to immoral activities that are unlimited to rape, sodomization, torture, killing and raids of other institution it has falls parallel with. Both national Army and rebels are known for their long thirst for forceful lust, any little outbreak of the conflict is a declaration of sexual ravishment. Top government Masculine workers in public institutions do not think beyond between women's legs, well looked woman can secure a job or lump sum stipend only when she met one of the qualifications called ‘open leg criteria’. This immoral business with a wealth of state has made some fortunate visionless ‘slay Queens and slay Kings’ who defend on whore labor from ‘sugar Daddy and sugar Mommy’ polluted our culture with unthinkable Philanthropy of bringing in like-minded exotic artists who viewed the world naked to culturally imparted their coitus ardour philosophy to the mind of young kids before it is too late. Are we not building immoral society?

All these happened in the watch of government, instead of the legal notion of nobody above the laws, government officials walk over the laws. Any nationals who question the government in relation to such actions can be termed as a criminal that deserved incarceration, while actors driving such edict are Laws abiding citizens. When foreign media approach the government to ask for why such things happened and whether people are happy with it or not, the very arrogant government spokesperson can come out and openly brag about people's passion by saying, "South Sudan is a country of happier people and anyone who is not happy about it should find a nearby tree and hang himself /herself before it is too late, we have many trees in South Sudan". 

When the National Security Service's victims raise the concern of Blue House turned Sodom and Gomorrah, the silly official spokesman for the president could come out openly and noted, "We will only address the issue the time the sodomized conceived". Their appetite for same-sex lust is neither limited to deterrent nor flavour but tided around the bizarre missions of same-sex bearing offspring that will replace their domesticated heartless-ness. Despite the allegations of forceful same-sex pandering in Blue House, women are complaining on social media about sexual exploitation in the office of the president, Palm Africa is a porn party venue after J1 work, defilement is the order of the day, moreover the president is maintaining silence in the matter. This begs the question of what kind of society our government is trying to build? 

This is not about individuals, personalities, or political parties as others may miscellaneously misconceive. This is about every single South Sudanese, big or small, man or woman, young or old, all coming together and decides either through civil disobedience or otherwise, to end the painful disrespect by politicians/leaders against the citizens of this country who are suffering from abuse of the institutions for flavour ambitions. Only the morally perverse would enjoy the illusion that this government is fulfilling its obligation by this 'might make the right' system or to these stolen goods against all challengers. 

At the very least stage where South Sudanese are in meta basidium age of thought, the international communities, foreign governments should help to let the corrupt persons return what they have corruptly obtained and let it go back to the real owners. To do it so, would make corruption a risky business not only to South Sudanese but to Africans as a whole.  To realize criminalization of corruption globally so that wherever they go, the corrupt can always be apprehended, tried and handed to justice, provide no place to hide. 

Let the foreign banks and governments which keep and protect stolen wealth abroad open their vaults to avoid making South Sudan a hunting grounds of South Sudanese elites who had country of alternative in their pockets. These are just bloody money, receiving such money in your bank accounts is your indirect participation in man slaughter, it just leaves children of poor dying in hospitals which have no medicine, infrastructure got collapsed, and the oil waste left the water unfit for human beings to drink and yet children of this corrupt affluent drive expensive agility limousines in your cities’ road making our country an alternative territory for their living as well as their corporate; unless  we are not  in humanitarian world shall international communities and foreign governments continuous entertaining this insane.

The writer is an Activist lived in Juba, South Sudan, he could be reached via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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