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By: Ogeryath Oger

” A tree with strong roots laughs at storms”.

Destruction and building are processes of life transformation but the two aspects transform life differently in that destruction does not require time to be implemented or skills in order to be done. In contrary, building as a process requires specific conditions which must be present if the process is to take place which conditions are skills and time. Therefore, the two processes are completely different, and they repel each other in a way that where there is building destruction does not exist and where there is destruction, building is absent.

Looking at our beautiful country South Sudan, there is a chance for change which is required by all, but we need to always plan and use a suitable method which will grant us the fruits of light that we desire and yearn for. Which method do we think is suitable for South Sudan to rise and shade off the man planted miseries? Is there a method or there are methods?

Basing on my own opinion, “tree growing method” maybe suitable for South Sudan to wash away the tears of the people, bring peace and unity and eradicate uncertainties of life. With the implementation of the method we shall become brave enough to dream of the true definition of life and the real meaning of a sovereign state/country.

But, what is “the tree growing method”? Well, the tree growing method is a process which is built on three keys words which are abbreviated as “CPC” where C stands for Clearing, P for Planting and C for Caring. These three words build a system which offers us a strong method of state building.

Clearing as a mini-process of tree growing method, guides us that if we are to build a strong and peaceful country, we must get rid of conflicts, disunity, tribalism, nepotism, corruption, illiteracy and above all fear. These grave digging tools must be cleared out of our communities in order to have a positively growing state and hopeful citizens since the above mentioned weeds are the fuel to the tiny glowing candle which plunge communities into deadly oceans of miseries.

Planting as the second mini-process, enlightens and instructs us to firmly establish education, transparency, accountability, unity, respect of laws and independent political, economic and social institutions in South Sudan free from any external and internal meddling. This second mini-process offers us the core values that allow sovereign states to stand firm and free from waves of destruction.

Lastly, Caring as the last mini-process, states that we must be shields to guard the products of the second mini-process which is planting. And in order to guard the core values in the second mini-process, we must establish a document which will act as a beacon of light to all the South Sudanese and those living in South Sudan. The document I refer to is a constitution which must be above all the creatures whether human or not. Therefore, the constitution is the shield which takes care of our sovereign state and guides us towards fulfilling our dreams.

Therefore, “the tree growing method” is the system that helps us rise, grow and prosper politically, economically and socially to an extent of paving tremendous way for the future generations. Let us then Clear, Plant and Care.

” From a small seed a mighty trunk grows”.

May God bless South Sudan and Africa.

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