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By: Ogeryath Oger

“January, 1st 2021 is the first blank page of a 365-page book so write a good book”.

Every year comes vacant full of emptiness itself, free from curses and full of silence just like an underground cave. The new year later gets a name based on the thoughts that people pour into it whether positive thoughts or negative ones. There isn’t a year that descends with curses since every New Year is a gift from the one above. What descends every January 1st is an empty world that requires the man to plant his thoughts carefully and genuinely so that with the passing of time, the man may harvest the real harvests based on the planted thoughts. 

South Sudan is part of the world that will soon celebrate the descending New Year. But what do we wish the New Year ahead to fill our country with? Our thoughts will tell with time. However deep inside our inner most sensitive minds, we have incredible wishes and blessings that we expect to be fulfilled by the year ahead. We all have the same wishes that the New Year comes with peace, reconciliation and unity but where can we get peace, reconciliation and unity from? 

Based on my own opinion, we have got a massive ability to run the New Year in favor of our country. Let us enter the New Year with positive thoughts in order to experience fruitful struggle and rewarding moments ahead free of regrets full of joy and peace. We must wholeheartedly sacrifice never to plant the negative thought of yesterday that burnt our villages, killed our own people, displaced our country men and women and made others refugees in the neighboring states.

We have our own responsibility in our hands to revive hope, build unity and create peace in the year ahead. Our thoughts will greatly and always mould South Sudan into a land we aspire to live in. South Sudan has experienced terrible moments in the past years which left us disgruntled and terrified. Though we experienced terrible moments before, there is a new created room now which we must carefully and honestly fill with positive thoughts that will turn pessimism and optimism, war into peace, division into unity and live a life of fruitful and rewarding struggle.

We must think of making South Sudan a home not a rental since a home is forever owned while a rental is a dream of a day just to live in for a short time as one continues to plan. The coming 365 days ahead can never be reduced or increased but can be filled with tears of joy or sorrows. South Sudan needs to see promises achieved not thrown. It is our hope to rebuild the villages and resettle the displaced together with the refugees, open schools to build skills and bring light to South Sudan but to achieve these, we must all build positive thoughts towards our communities and appreciate our diversity.

South Sudan in the year ahead can experience calmness if we develop the true desire of togetherness and positive thoughts in working together with respect and openness but a tiny negative thought can take us back into the depression of darkness.

May the year ahead be filled with humanity and may God bless South Sudan and Africa.

“Let bygones be bygones”  .

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