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By: Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

The manifesto has got a solution to everything: let's join hands for freedom.

We South sudanese have fought firmly against Arab domination and we defeat it.
We fought firmly against colonial domination and we won.
I am urging all south sudanese in all parts of the world to fight firmly against tribalism such that we become citizens who will have love and unity among ourselves.
Let's fight firmly against corruption and embezzlement of government funds.
South Sudan recently achieved its emancipation with hope of democracy in the country.

As we have achieved RTGNU lets not deny our people the right to goad roads, education, speech and a right to bring back our people from refugee camps to build the nation up once again.
Lets not kill each other due to political differences.
Lets not turn our people back to refugee camps as they were during the liberation struggle.
Let no citizens of our country go angry again as we were.

The time of healing wounds should be this time round by our leaders.
Let this moment be a time to bridge the chasms that divide us based on tribal base.
Let this time be the time to build upon us.
Lets pledge ourselves to liberate our people from the bondage of poverty, deprivation, suffering and other discriminations.
Lets commit ourselves to the construction of just lasting peace and stability of our lovely nation.

We know it well that there is no easy road for freedom.
We know it well that none of us acting alone can achieve success as our heroes worked together in the bush to achieve the south sudan we called today let's work together for betterment of our beloved nation..
We must therefore act together as united people for national reconciliation, for national building and for the unity of all Junubin.
Let there be peace of all.
Let there be justice for all.
Let there be prosperity for all.
The sun shall never set on a glorious human achievement.
Let freedom reign.

Nothing can prevent us South Sudanese from adopting new technologies and practices them like other countries. Thank you

By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

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