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Dear countrymen and women of South Sudan please I wish you happy merry Christmas to all of you and prosperous New Year in the Advance.

To begin last year I worked in the Emergency department in Juba Teaching Hospital during Christmas festival and the same new year celebration, we received more than 175 Emergencies cases of Accidents, physical assault and many others injured.

My advice to Young men and women please think well when you're happy, even those who were really in the Birthday of Cde Jesus Christ don't celebrate in the way we celebrated Christmas here in Africa and South Sudan.

In Addition, am advising young men and women once more again as Medical personnel to take care for your health status during this short period of time because of deadly communicable Viruses and Diseases which can lead to the disappear of ourselves and we all know very well that this is not the end of Christmas or new year celebration today.

Medical advice, please take care when you finish your Alcohol especially Singles brothers and sisters, Alcohol can occupy your intelligence quotient and act in primitive quotients that will lead you to an unnecessary sexual intercourse without planning. Am not against your Sexual habit dear fellow citizens but your Health is my Concern, thank you but use Condom for your safety or reduce your sexual network during this Confusion period.


To Conclude, Happy Merry Christmas and prosperous new year to all of you. Amen


By, Cde Meen Gabriel Chol Kuac

The SPLM Senior Political Activist