By: Ogeryath Oger
By: Ogeryath Oger

“Children are educated by what grown-ups are and not by his talk”.

The best gift that one can possess is patience and the best thing that one lacks is patience. Patience and child development move hand in hand and therefore without patience our parents wouldn’t have raised us up. To raise a child, one needs patience for in whatever patience is required, there lies enormous blessings. To ignore investment in the children is throwing a country into a depression of darkness. South Sudan faces the toughest challenges ever in its history, the conflict tore great relationships that existed while mistrust became rampant all over. However there is a heart where hope and peace can be dug and the only heart is that of a child who up to today stands free from hatred, mistrust and revenge.

The elders’ hearts and minds have been greatly crippled, weakened and poisoned by the challenges that we face today to an extent that some find life insignificant. The affected minds and hearts no longer hold the ability to resist whatever destroys humanity and this situation knocks the door of wisdom. What can we do then as South Sudanese to revive the unity and peace that we thirst for?

Based on my own opinion, the fresh and free angels (children) must be invested in genuinely through providing them with formal and informal education which investment in decades to come will pour on South Sudan enormous and endless blessings. Investing in the children of South Sudan equips the future generations with great abilities to face and overcome the problems which the elders might have failed to encounter. The children possess the energy to learn and change South Sudan in years to come if raised up properly. However we should be so careful in terms of provision of education. Which kind of education should be offered to the children of South Sudan? The best type of education would be the one that equips the young ones with problem solving skills and the use of logic rather than emotion.

On the 3rd of Dec 2020, children from various organizations in South Sudan gathered at Nyakuron Cultural Centre to celebrate Christmas carol together. In the course of the celebration, the children presented amazing dances and heart touching drama which I describe as exceptional and that was the time I came to believe that there is a great future ahead of us if the same children are considered in the country’s development. 

There is no perfect time to invest in the children of South Sudan. The best time is to start today if we wish to shine and live peacefully and comfortably tomorrow. The key to the brightest future is the children and it is the duty of all the South Sudanese to hold the key firmly and carefully if we hope to open the door of peace, development and unity in the shortest time possible.

South Sudan is capable of experiencing lasting peace and unity through investing honestly in the united children of its own. The children shouldn’t be promised education rather instantly. They carry this country in their hands, minds and hearts and if we support them they will be unshakeable and lead this country with courage and integrity. We shouldn’t travel far seeking for hope because it is already with us. We need to just prioritize it in our planning. “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and the best hope for the future”.

May God bless South Sudan and Africa.

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