By: Ogeryath Oger

Success is gorgeous to all no matter the age or the position. It is something that all human beings yearn for and desire to achieve always. For years very many people struggle to attain it. But to attain it, you will agree with me that at least one needs to pass or walk through a thorny path first. Not passing through thorns to achieve fiasco because that will be disappointing but to attain success or triumph. South Sudan is the newest country on earth but we are lucky to have got our independence in the world’s modern period fenced with hospitable countries, blessed with treasured resources but as a country how can we achieve political, social and economic success in South Sudan? 

Well to achieve success, there is a simple English acronym which famous Singaporean professor Kishore Mahbubani delivered as a secret key to success and the acronym is abbreviated as (MPH) which stands for Meritocracy, Pragmatism and Honesty. So let us go secret per secret.

Meritocracy requires us to select the best people to do the work so that we realize the best desired results for instance if we need to transform and succeed in education, teachers need to be included in educational reforms because they are the best in dealing with education, if it is economy then the economists need to get the opportunity to do the economic reforms and the same steps followed for the rest of the jobs. 

Pragmatism enlightens us to never depend on a single ideology. It demands us to use whatever ideology can solve our problem whether socialism or capitalism. As long as it can produce a positive result we can use any. So it doesn’t matter whether the cat is white or black as long as it can catch mice then it is a good cat.

Finally the third secret to attain success is honesty which is the hardest to achieve. We must be honest with ourselves in handling major and minor matters of our country. Appropriate assessment on determining results must be made. Therefore one needs to be positive and give the full transcript of truth regarding a certain task. Honesty, if not implemented, can tear down metallic fences.

So those are the three key secrets to success that is meritocracy, pragmatism and honesty (MPH) if we are prepared to go forward and implement them then we shall have heaven on the earth.

May God bless South Sudan and Africa.

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