By: Ogeryath Oger
By: Ogeryath Oger

“The ultimate mystery is one’s own self”.

The normal man is really puzzled and stunned with how the country is being governed. Everyone wishes to live in a community that is secure and productive rather than the one that scares him/her like a scarecrow. The masses find life lifeless since life isn’t lived the way it is meant to be lived. All are disgruntled and crippled with how confusing the politics have gone beyond description. Behind the curtain, there is an enormous problem that is seriously dragging South Sudan and Africa thousands of kilometers behind which problem has made it difficult to balance the boat as the waves continue to push us to unplanned direction. What is the incomprehensible mystery that continues to blindly push us into depression of hopelessness? 

Based on my own opinion, the lack of trust is the mystery that is pushing us away from the fruitful thoughts on how to develop South Sudan. In broad daylight, the masses are showered with promises of hope, peace and justice which promises are deeply built on myth. So the myth is molded into truth-like words which in actual sense is used to deceive the masses. 

What is the way forward then? The only way forward is that all of us as South Sudanese must first commit ourselves fully to the truth and abide by it both behind and in front of the curtain and then transfer the same concentrated truth to the masses. There is no way we can escape from the mess which has engulfed our country. The only path to peace and stability is abiding by the truth (facts) which guides us without any stressful opposition. 

Therefore before heaping promises of hope, peace and development on the masses, we must be vivid that the hope, peace and development that we wish to preach to the masses exist in their original forms. Hard work is required to subject ourselves to the truth. South Sudan will experience something more glorious and beautiful if we openly live by truthful guiding principles. However if we continue to conduct baseless campaigns in order to mobilize armies and confuse the masses for power and wealth, deep into the depression of hopelessness we shall drag South Sudan. 

Finally, the mystery must be understood. The truth is lacking so we must work towards fixing it in order to build a country which is politically, socially and economically independent and a country which we aspire to live in. “Every life is complicated, every mind is a kingdom of unmapped mysteries”.

May God bless South Sudan and Africa.

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